Tim Frazier: Pro or no?

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Tim Frazier: Pro or no?

6'1 PG averaging 19pts - 6ast - 5rebs - 2.4stls 3.7TOs on 42fg%, in the BIG10




VS. ranked teams...

vs. michigan: .....20-4-4

vs. indiana .........21-7-3

vs. illinois ..........12-9-4

vs. ohio st..........16-4-1

vs. winsconsin....21-7-4

vs. michigan st...19-7-5

vs. winsconsin....20-4-4

vs indiana...........26-4-2

he must've shot about 38% from the field though.


i don't know much about him, does he have pro potential?

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He is a very good college player

He is fun to watch. He is carrying PSU on his shoulders. They can't recruit so they are consistantly at the bottom of the B10, but you can't blame Fraizer for that. He has to do so much for that team that both big number and low percentages arn't a suprise.

I see him along the lines (chances at NBA- not playing style) of PGs like Nik Calethis, Jeremy Pargo, Shelvin Mack where he can make an NBA team, but would really only have an impact on teams overseas.

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He's a pro, but most likely

He's a pro, but most likely not an NBA one.

He's small, skinny, lacks strength, not particularly quick, not a great shooter, has questionable shot-selection (although he doesn't really have a choice but to jack up some questionable shots at times). He can run an offense but he's not a great playmaker.

My guess is that he ends up being a pro in some place like France.

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