Tim Duncan

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Tim Duncan

The Spurs are 7-1. Duncan is in his 16th season and putting up 18.8ppg at 52%, 9.6rebs, 2.6blks. How many 36yo players can put up stats like that ?

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Timothy Theodore Duncan is

Timothy Theodore Duncan is putting upp great numbers and his per 36m stats is even greater, 21.9p 11.2 reb, 3.1blk on 0.522 fg % and shooting a healty 0.750% from the line. Combine that with the lowest turnover % of his career and he is doing great for a team and you know Pop manages his minutes so he will be ready for the postseason.

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The funny thing is that he is

The funny thing is that he is putting up these kinds of numbers this year and some people think he is having some kind of resurgence. He has always been capable of those numbers even in the last couple years when his stats have dipped and his detractors have claimed he is not the All-Star he used to be. At his age and with a great team around him, he doesn't need to log 36+ minutes a night during the regular season. Last year was the first year of his career where he didn't make the All-Star team (not including the strike shortened 1999 season) but his per 36 minute averages were still excellent, 19.7 PPG, 11.5 RPG, 1.9 BPG. When he is on the court he is still one of the best in the business.

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The most underrated superstar

The most underrated superstar in sports history!!! I was laughing when Metta was trying to check him last night, i knew he had no chance

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we are talking about the best

we are talking about the best Power Forward in history...

But i think Timmy stays in such great shape from swimming (i know it sounds dumb, but its a great work-out especially for older guys)

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Best power Forward in history, we havent even mention his defense. No double teams are needed on post players when hes in the game, witch allows more pressure. If wanted I could see him sign anthor contract once this one expires in 3 years

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Swimming doesn't sound dumb

Swimming doesn't sound dumb at all Bmore DC.

Swimming is amazing and i agree that plays a factor to Duncan being in shape..

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