Tim Donaghy Says David Stern Will Make Sure Cavs Advance

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Shannon Brown could beat

Shannon Brown could beat Lehype in a game of on one easily!!!! got my titty &$#%#[email protected]! &$#%#[email protected]! &$#%#[email protected]! dicky money on it.

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First of, I dont believe in

First of,
I dont believe in Tim Donaghy At All
Yes, refereeing plays a part in the outcome of the game
but everybody makes mistakes, like the referees
they have to decide who had the foul, they have to decide when to give a tech
whether it was goaltending, it's hard
Save them some slack. I dont expect everybody in here to make all the right calls
Then to DNYCE
I like that you are loyal to your team, but you have to stopped
being too BIASED, i love the rockets, the'yre my team, but you
dont see me making posts saying Bosh will definately come to the Rockets
saying Yao is better than Gasol or Whoever, its fine to have your own opinions
but you have to be open to other opinions and not be too much biased to just one thing

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DNYCE, I understand you love the Lakers, and I like them too, but all you say is completely biased and that the Lakers will win (not necessarily games but like trades, etc.). Yes I wasn't thinking when I said Shannon Brown wasn't a good defender, but in my opinion, I would choose Wes Matthews over Shannon Brown if I were to choose a defensive player. However,I think Shannon is more of an offensive potential than a defensive potential seeing all his athleticism, speed and not to mention he's got a decent shot.

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DNYCE once again you dont

DNYCE once again you dont know what youre talking about. kobe has stated that he doesnt go to the whole as much because of all the pounding. he didnt even have to say that in order for anyone to realize that. as each star gets older they go to the whole less and start shootiing jumpers more. maybe you are excused because you are obviously pretty young and dont remember jordan and other older great players transitioning from driving to posting up and taking jumpers

As far as lebron and calls, one reason is because he drives to the whole lot..duh... the second is hes a star. stars get more calls then everyone else. its not new. but one reason they do is because they have the ball more and they force the issue. you dont usually see made up calls and anyone who has the ball alot is logically gonna get more calls then others

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I agree with a lot of what

I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but the calls James gets have a lot less to do with his attacking the rim than with his star power. Kobe Bryant attacks way more than people give him credit for and he gets a fraction of the calls. Even a few years ago when he cemented his status as one of the top 5 dunkers of all-time he didn't get near the calls James gets. A great deal of that has to do with image. The leagues hype machine pushes certain people to the forefront because of their squeeky clean image and marketability. Quite a few people still think of Bryant as some arrogant, a$$hole rapist who doesn't play nice with others. Even when you turn on Sporstcenter the image of Bryant is with a scowl on his face, or getting on a teammate. Then you see James dancing and laughing and slapping five with everybody. There's a lot more to what goes on than what you see on the floor.

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I see this has become a rip

I see this has become a rip Lebron James thread sort that case let me state my opinion.

1. Lebron is an overrated defender. He's not good at defense, he is good at chase down blocks off the glass (which are cool, but not all that valuable to a team defense). He's also lazy on defense, I have seen at least 3 occasions in the Celtics series, where he is joggin back on D and his guy gets a pass to go in for a layup, this could be avoided by hustling back on defense...but he doesnt want to do that, he wants to block shots. Making him a sickly overrated defender.

2. He gets away with fouls...alot. Alot of those chase down blocks, he freight trains the guy who is going in for the layup...yeah sure he gets the ball, but a block is not just about up top, he runs into their bodies...every single time, the guy going in ends up on his ass underneath the hoop...theres contact. Offensivly, he gets away with alot too. I've seen plenty of times him drive to the rim and use his off hand to push away defenders...alot of guys would get an Offensive foul or no call at all...King James is gettin and And 1, a bow and kiss on his feet, and a sweet ass theme song as they go to commercial.

3. Remember Allen Iverson and how the 76ers could never put a team around him, no matter who they added it just never seemed to mesh well enough. Lebron seems like he is the same way. He is a ball stopper. Yeah he racks up points and assists, but he stops the flow and rythm of the offense. He holds the ball a long time, and its hard to get guys in rythm when that happens. Its almost a case of him being to good of an individual, but it just seems like he's going to be one of those guys who you cant build a team around because of it.

With all that said. Lebron is the most physically gifted player to probably ever play in the NBA, and he is the leagues golden boy. Im not a Lebron James fan personally, but he's really good. Go Boston!!!

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In my Opinion

the NBa 's been very biased for years and they would love the mega espn hype they'd get from La Cavs final... but Stern's just a business man running a business...

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