Thunder's biggest need?

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Thunder's biggest need?

SF or a scoring big? They have two needs to address this offseason that were major factors in their 3-1 loss to Dallas. Kevin Durant needs to be able to rest without the team having to go small (they lost a few crucial rebounds down the stretch when he was in foul trouble against Memphis and a few against the Mavs that weren't as crucial), and they need a scoring big in the paint (Dirk really never had to play any defense, keeping him out of foul trouble, because Serge isn't the reliable paint scorer they needed to keep the offense balanced). They got so perimeter-oriented that they gave Dallas a break defensively. Their are a couple of quality SFs in this years FA that could help contribute to the team (Shane Battier, Tayshaun Prince, and Jamario Moon for example), but they seem to like Kyle Singler. So, are there any realistic scoring bigs thatthe Thunder can grab via FA or the draft?

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A point guard.

A point guard.

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there biggest need is

there biggest need is experience, plus putting Harden in the starting lineup

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I agree about Durant needing

I agree about Durant needing rest and this team needs a backup Small forward. Would Tayshaun Prince like coming off the bench is the question. I think Shane Battier would be nasty to have on this team but the question is would he resign in Memphis? I do think that Battier or Moon would work. Moon could come in for eight to twelve minutes and give Durant a rest. Drafting Kyle Singler is another possibly. Would this team have enough to go after if he didn't resign in Denver Nene.

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trade ideas

with Detroit: Charlie V and Rip Hamilton for Collison and Nate Robinson

OKC: Westbrook - Sefolosha - Durant - Ibaka - Perk

Bench: maynor - harden - rip - charlie v - mohamed

Detroit: Bynum - Gordon - Daye - Monroe - free agent

Bench: Nate - white - 2nd rounder - collison - wallace


with Chicago: Nate for Brewer

OKC: Westbrook - Sefolosha - Durant - Ibaka - Perk

Bench: maynor - harden - brewer - collison - mohamed

CHI: Rose - draft pick - Deng - Boozer - Noah

Bench: nate - bogans - korver - gibson - asik


with Utah: Nate for Bell and Evans

OKC: Westbrook - Sefolosha - Durant - Ibaka - Perk

Bench: maynor - bell - harden - collison - mohamed

UTAH: Harris - Miles - draft pick - Milsap - Jefferson

Bench: nate - free agent - hayword - favors - okur


with Portland: Nate and 2 2nd round picks for Batum and trade exception

OKC: Westbrook - Sefolosha - Durant - Ibaka - Perk

Bench: maynor - fernandez - batum - collison - mohamed

Port: Miller - Matthews - Wallace - Aldridge - Camby

Bench: Nate - williams - roy - barron - draft pick / Mullins

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I think that if he's still on

I think that if he's still on the board, Tobias Harris would help them a lot. He's a combo forward kinda like Jeff Green was for them, and I think that he could contribute right away. Kyle Singler, as many people know, is a guy that the Thunder like and feel confortable with, and I think he would be a good backup to Durant as well, but I really think that Tobias Harris would be a great addition for them if they get the chance. As for post scoring, they just need to help Serge develop a post up game. If he could post up and face up, he could be very dangerous for them. I think that they have more than enough centers (4) right now and they just need to let them develop

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I think they need a scoring

I think they need a scoring big,or another scoring wing player,not both,they don't have room, or enough balls to go around. I would go with the scoring big. He fits within the team better, I dunno who that will be though. I need to check and see what place they are drafting

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I don't understand why so

I don't understand why so many people want Harden in the starting line-up. He gets the minutes of a starter and if he plays less minutes with Durant and Westbrook, he gets more minutes with the ball in his hand. I really don't get it.

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They dont really need to make

They dont really need to make any drastic roster moves, they just need to grow up together as a team. I remember when the Lakers during the younger days of Shaq and Kobe and they were dubbed as the future of the NBA, but it took them a couple of heartbreaks to finally get over the hump once Phil Jackson arrived. I think they have all they need personnel wise, they just need to mature together.

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