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For years now the Oklahoma City Thunder have been considered as serious title contenders and for what it's worth, the team has reached the NBA Finals once only to be trounced by a Heat team with chips on their shoulders. This season has exposed this team for who they really are: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. That's it. Given the talent level that this team has and the depth that they have manage to draft over the years as well as gathered through trades and free agencies, they can be a lot better nay they should be better. They're not an elite team. They're just a bunch of guys who happens to 'fit' into their role and just happens to have two of the top 6 players in the league (Yeah, I went there, I called Russel as a top 6 player in the NBA). There is not one thing that they do collectively that you would put them amongst the NBA's top teams. Their offense is fueled by arguably the best one-two punch in the league right now. Their defense is undisciplined and doesn't seem to have a philosophy in which creates stops consistently. It is absolutely unfair for Scott Brooks to be this bad of a coach and have a job while guys like Stan, Jeff Van Gundy, Geroge Karl, Larry Brown, etc. isn't in the NBA coaching. He needs to go. He doesn't draw plays on offense out of timeouts, nor does he have an effective half court game planned which is critical in order to maximize his other players' potential. He doesn't have his team's trust that's why they're undisciplined on defense and you can see Russell pull tantrums on the sidelines on the regular. They need a new coach.

What's your take on this?

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