Three-Way Trade Rumor?

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Lakers rumor

That must be a Lakers rumor because Minnesota gets cornholed on that one. Never has Brook Lopez been seen as an equal to either Love or Howard and Kahn wouldn't make that trade without getting a much, much better deal. I do see the scenario where the Wolves trade Love but it would be for much more than a center benefiting from D Williams and Joe Johnson pulling the defenders out of the lane. Love has put up his numbers (not this year because of nagging injuries) in spite of a lack of talent around him.

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This move would be

This move would be interesting for all teams involved but I feel Minnesota would have to get more pieces or picks. Most likely the Lakers too, although Dwight has been struggling he is still one of the best players in the game.

No disrespect to Kevin Love and while I feel he fits D'antoni's system better he is just not on and probably never will be on Dwights level. This move would allow Pau to stop taking long range shots and be more comfortable with his role in the system. If they can get a quality bench player (or pick) as well I like this move.

I really feel like Minnesota is getting screwed in this trade unless more players/picks are added. Brook Lopez is too injury prone and seems allergic to rebounding. Dont get me wrong he is a good center, one of the best in the league, but Love just adds so many more dimensions in his game. With the right additions I could see Minnesota making this trade.

This could work though, I think it would be interesting to see 3 all star caliber players switch teams. If I were the Nets I would do anything possible to get this deal done.

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LOL kevin love will never be

LOL kevin love will never be on dwights level??? what kind of crack are you smoking? he will always be a better rebounder and offensive player than dwight..

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I hope not

For Minnesota's sake unless they're getting back multiple draft picks, Brook Lopez is good no doubt but Kevin Love he is not. I think the trade works out great for the two big market teams basketball wise, Minnesota would definitely be getting the short end of the stick if they're not getting more than just Brook Lopez.

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the timberwolves would need

the timberwolves would need to got lopez, Marshon Brooks, a couple first round picks and any other decent young player on either of the teams involved in the trade. Then the timber wolves would be stuck with 2 centers, so they would need to trade one of them. This trade makes no sense for the timberwolves. Pekovic is a pretty decent center to have and he complements kevin love

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kevin love is really going to

kevin love is really going to help clear up the lakers' defensive woes...lmao they ned to stop looking for trades and start working on a system for defense that works.

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I will stop being a Wolves Fan...

...if this deal happens. Neither of these teams has any assets the Wolves want or need. When you give up the #1 player at their position (sorry Blake, Love is still the best pure PF), you expect to get something of that caliber back. BKN doesn't have a draft pick to give up for like 3 years, nor does LA (LA is giving up their 1st to PHX for the next 2 seasons). Also, getting back Lopez would be useless. Pek is a great C, we don't need Lopez. The only way this has even a remote chance of happening is if a 4th (or 5th) team gets involved and gives the Wolves the following: A HIGH draft pick this year (coming away with either Bazz or Noel), A quality starter (preferably an SG/SF), and some more draft picks.

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Could happen with those 3

Could happen with those 3 being the 3 main parts in a trade. Could cash in Pek to a 4th team before he hits RFA and gets paid too much.

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