Tervor Booker

What tyoe of player will he be right now. I watch alot of ACC ball and thought he was a preety good player but it seemed like he never really stood out.

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My comparison for him is

My comparison for him is Jason Maxiell.

He is an undersized PF who plays hard every single possession. Is a great athlete and is a great finisher at the rim. Is also really strong. He probably won't contribute much in the NBA but will play always plays hard all the time and would be a great energy guy to bring off the bench.

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I think he can do what james

I think he can do what james singleton did and that hustle rebound block shots and finish with power he brings much needed toughness down low

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Trevor BOoker

next allstar

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It wasn’t so long ago that

It wasn’t so long ago that O.J. Mayo was one of the hottest names in the rumor mill. The Indiana Pacers tried to get him several times, the Minnesota Timberwolves were among the other interested teams, and yet Mayo found himself looking for a home in free agency this summer.

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