Terrence Ross vs Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

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Terrence Ross vs Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Who would you rather have between these two? There are lots of similarities when comparing them:

-Both where selected #8 in consecutive drafts.

-They can play multiple positions

-Great shooters

-Solid athleticism

-Same size

-Where considered a "reach" and selected before more coveted wings. Ross was selected before Jeremy Lamb while Pope was selected before Shabazz Muhammad.

So many similarities and very similar games. I'd have a hard time selecting between the two, both are solid prospects that will end up proving people wrong.

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KCP wasnt really a reach, he

KCP wasnt really a reach, he was projected to be picked around 8-10ish

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He definitely wasnt a reach.

He definitely wasnt a reach. I would take him any day over shabazz. He will be the perfect 4th or 5th starter who can do a little bit of everything and would have fit great with minnesota the pick after the pistons picked him.

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I haven't seen KCP

play enough to speak on his ability. As for Ross, in what world does he play any position other than 2 guard? He doesn't have the ball handling, passing or decision making skills to play the point, and he is nowhere near big enough to play the 3 at the NBA level. Ross contrary to popular belief is not a great shooter despite displaying a nice shooting stroke, he does however, possess elite athleticism. I don't know if T. Ross will end up being any more than a solid role player down the road. He had double digit scoring outbursts, but in his rookie season they were usually followed by long stretches of low single digit scoring games. With that being said, I'd probably roll the dice on the unknown and go with KCP.

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I haven't really seen much of

I haven't really seen much of KCP but living in toronto I've seen a lot of Ross. He shows glimpses but it's extremely inconsistent. He ended the season bad and I wasn't at all impressed over his summer league performance.

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Of course both are still very young, but I wouldn't call them "great shooters". I think the both of them can grow into good solid players, that should be starting in the next couple of years? And they have alot to add to their current teams.

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I like Ross, but I don't

I like Ross, but I don't think he's suited to a role as a 6th man. He's the sort of guy who will pick his spots to be effective, not necessarily create them.

He plays off the ball, has a mediocre but effective handle and elite athleticism. He has a great mid-range game, but in the NBA he's expected to shoot more long-balls and he's still working on his range.

He's the prototypical NBA SG; moves off the ball, excels in transition, can defend and shoot, but he needs to feel his way through a game, not break it open, and would be a much better player with extended minutes alongside the starters, so he could feed off them.

KCP I believe is almost the opposite in mentality. I haven't seen him play as much, but his role in Georgia was to create everything for them, and he has no problems taking tough shots when required.

I think he could excel as a 6th man, but might lose focus as a starter if he's not given consistent touches.

He strikes me as a bit streaky too.

It's pretty hard to pick them, but I'd probably take Ross, because I don't see star potential in either of them, and Ross' game suits a role player more.

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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a solid athlete. Terrence Ross is an Elite athlete.

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I like most of what you said

I like most of what you said apart from "solid" athleticism. Im not sure if you saw Terrence Ross play in highschool, college, or his rookie year, but his strength is his SUPERB athletic ability and the way he can flash up and down the court and leap like a bird.

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he said KCP is solid, and

he said KCP is solid, and that ross was elite.

that being said, we have yet to see KCP play, but for Georgia and in the SEC he averaged 18pts and 7reb with 2 stl, while shooting 50% from 2 and 38% from 3.

as for terrence ross, his college stats were 16pt, 6reb, and 1 stl (washington, Pac12). their shooting %ages were nearly identical (ross SLIGHTLY worse).

if these two were in the same draft, i'd probably go with KCP. he seems to me like he's got more defensive potential and knows the defensive side of the game a little better than ross.

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