Terrence Ross (2K)

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Terrence Ross (2K)

I know this is kind of off topic and random, but I found something really weird about NBA 2K. Last year, in 2K12, I had downloaded a draft class that some guy had made for the 2012 draft, and Terrence Ross came out and went to the Jazz in the mid first round. Playing as the Jazz a few years later, Ross was an UNCONSCIOUS 3 point shooter. Ray Allen-level. I know he was a good shooter coming out, but not like this. Now that was a fictional player created by someone in their basement, now this year in 2k13, I have Ross on my team, and he is an UNCONSCIOUS 3 point shooter. When he is open, it is automatically going in, he has amazing range and is just great to have on your team. Just thought it was kind of random both years in totally different situations he was created like one of the best snipers in the league.

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I wouldn't read much into it.

I wouldn't read much into it. I got a quadruple-double with Jonathan Bender on a video game.

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I suck at 2k13, Hahahah. I

I suck at 2k13, Hahahah. I get killed by everyone online !!!! I hate everyone.

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Kawhi Leonard is a dominant

Kawhi Leonard is a dominant force in 2k also. My buddy always drafts them both and lights me up

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I played as the 2001 Sixers

I played as the 2001 Sixers in association mode. I got tired of playing with Allen Iverson so I scored 22 points with Eddie House(Current day Eddie House) in the first half. 2k is very realistic, but at the end of the day it's still a video game.

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Most video games don't count

Most video games don't count for age and over production. It is hard to measure fatigue of a healthy player that actually puts up those numbers when the player(you) are trying to do everything with them. Some NBA players in real life put up video game numbers. Also if Bender stayed healthy, he would have been sick. Dude was hurt most of this career. People trip on Oden but Bender knees stayed messed up.

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I said in another thread he

I said in another thread he will be a sick player when the game comes out. Athletic shooters in 2k own imo.

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Steve Novak score like 60 pts

Steve Novak scored like 60 pts with 18 three on 35 attemp at the superstar level. Just draft three point shooter and u will be winning all ur games

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they patched it, you just

they patched it, you just have to play a good 3-2 or 1-3-1 zone and double on novak get him to pass and its always a turnover. im talking about onball def though none of that off ball bs

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once scored 40 points with

once scored 40 points with scalabrine against my friend i even had a picture at the end of the game when scalabrine was named player of the game. I just ran around with him until i found something open and took all the shot with him. So to answer the realistic part of the question...... nothing is more realer than 2k. Also scored 71 with bayless against the Lakers and 67 with derozan.

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