Terrell Stoglin

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Terrell Stoglin

I've seen him play multiple times and word is that he's looking into his prospects at turning pro. His quickness and explosiveness with the ball is undeniable along with his ability to score from all over the floor. He's fearless in his drives to the rim and has the athleticism to back it up. Shooting 41.3% from the field and 38.4% from 3, while that isn't very impressive number wise almost all of his shots were very contested being the best offensive threat on a lax Maryland team. Get him on a team where he doesn't have to fight through double teams to get open looks and he will produce, he has solid mechanics with his FT percentage sitting at 80% ish all year. Doesn't have ideal size at 6' 1'' but I can definitely see him settling into a "sparkplug off the bench" type role...

He has great ball handling skills and moves the same speed with or without the ball. Before being asked to carry the scoring load this year he averaged 3.3 assists per game as a freshman (with 2.3 TO's) in about 20 min/game so he does have some passing ability when told it's his role. Long term plan might look better as a score first PG (poor mans Jason Terry?)..

Personally I think he should give it another year and lead Maryland to a better season next year, but I would like to see him as a pro one day. Any opinions on him? and/or other borderline players you'd like to see declare (or wait a year)?

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He reminds me of Tyrese Rice

He reminds me of Tyrese Rice from Boston College a couple years back. Really good lefty scorer who doesn't have enough point guard skills to be really effective in the NBA. He will continue to be one hell of a college player though. I hope he stays 4 years.

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I've seen him play a couple

I've seen him play a couple times when he went up against my team, UVA. There are players like him every year. A point guard that can score in bunches but can't distribute the ball real well and who also isn't big enough to play the 2. In fact, if I remember right, they put the Freshman Faust at point at times just to get some ball movement. In my opinion he needs to improve his consistency with his jumper in order to really solidify himself as a draft prospect.

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