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All the focus has been on NC State this offseason with CJ Leslie returning and their recruiting class, but nobody has been talking about Maryland next season. Stoglin returns with Alex Len, Nick Faust, and Ashton Pankey will return from injury. They also have a strong recruting class with Shaquille Cleare and Sam Cassell Jr. Mark Turgeon has done a great job replacing Gary Williams and the Terps should be right there with NC State atop the ACC next year.

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That'd be somethin if they

That'd be somethin if they landed the Harrison twins in '13

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I watched the Terps a couple

I watched the Terps a couple times this year and have been very impressed. They always seemed they were just missing one key element that put them over the edge and it wasn't quite clear what that element was.. Perhaps another year might just do the trick.. They aren't losing much, and it would be fun to watch Stoglin lead the team on a respectable run..

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