Teams Will Regret

Sleeping on Donatas Motiejunas if he even scratches the surface of his potential. He is the most agile, athletic 7 footer in the draft and I can't recall the last 7 footer that could do some of the things he could do, he is gifted, and should be drafted top 3 on potential alone.

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Hes risky, I think he has a

Hes risky, I think he has a high chance to be a bust...

For a guy his size, hes lacks rebounding ability, and doesnt seem commited to defense, not to mention he gets the "soft" label anymore, teams dont want anymore soft bigs...

However, hes very skilled, can do alot offensively, and based on what was seen in Treviso, hes really bulked up...but imo, hes a High Risk/Reward pick...

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I agree he has high bust

I agree he has high bust potential. He is skilled but has been labeled as soft and not a good rebounder. Could get a Owner praise or get him fired

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Him to the bucks would be

Him to the bucks would be great, bogut inside montie out, plus it will hide some of his flaws that some you guys mentioned. He is still young but im suprised people are all oover like this, one year after having the potential of being the number 1 pick

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I think Monti is going to be

I think Monti is going to be just fine in the league. He had a really nice season in Europe this past year and seems to be improving. He could break out in the NBA remember Bargs was like 21 when he got drafted too.

But I think the guy teams are going to regret not taking a better look at is Marshon Brooks. Based on his physical profile and production alone he's a top 10 pick.

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team that select him should

team that select him should work with him all over the summer only on rebounding skills and situation

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dont want to sound like an

dont want to sound like an ass but he weighs flipping 215

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No, he is 245. 100% positive,

No, he is 245. 100% positive,

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Bargnani is really screwing

Bargnani is really screwing up Moties rookie contract due to the comparisons. Thats why he is going to fall. If Motiejunas is a willing defender and rebounder in the NBA, not even an above average one just willing to get a little physical and sweat a drop or two he should gather enough minutes to become a great scoring presence in this league.

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Your mom says he felt about 245...last night...

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He's going to be alright, but

He's going to be alright, but it will take time. He had a good overall season overseas, but he still struggled a bit against the good teams he faced. I do like his touch and offensive skills though.

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I agree that it's crazy,

I agree that it's crazy, you'd think with Dirk's championship success and eventual shaking of the soft tag, teams would be more willing to take a chance on someone like Motie, who is similar in a lot of ways. SLAMonline had him going 26th in the mock draft to the Mavericks, which I thought was ridiculous. I wouldn't mind seeing him end up in Indiana, they could use a scoring big man to go along with Hibbert.

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He's not good on defense and

He's not good on defense and he takes plays off. He might have potential, but I don't see no Dirk. I think he's a mid 1st rounder. I placed him at Washington at 18.

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You are right jammin Lemon.

You are right jammin Lemon. In fact, a couple weeks ago I said that he has the potential to be the best in this draft calss, but then I saw this and got scared.

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Reminds me a lot Gasoft.

Reminds me a lot Gasoft.

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It's a risk-reward thing.

It's a risk-reward thing. While he could be great, there's also a larger than usual chance of failure for a player of that type. They seem to develop at a 50-50 rate. For every Bargs and Dirk, there's a Yi or Tshivski (sp, I know). That type of risk means he's a 10-20 pick, not a 1-10. He might be great, but the so is the risk involved.

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