Team Preview: Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors used their number 7 pick on Stephen Curry, the sharpshooter from Davidson. Playing his first 2 years at shooting guard, he transitioned to point his junior year. Can he run a team in the NBA? IMO, i dont think he can. He is more of a 2 and The GSW really needed a point guard. As much as he fits in the run and gun system, I think Brandon Jennings shouldve been the pick. Monta Ellis will eventually transition to the 2 cos he can not be a point guard in this league. He averaged 20 ppg when Baron was the point, and he will not be successful as the point guard. Assuming the Amare Stoudemire trade does not go down, i think the warriors will not make the playoffs and will be a lottery team once again. Do not get me wrong, they have a nice nucleus in Ellis, Jackson, Biedrins, Curry, and Randolph. I do think they need to acquire a solid big man, maybe a Brandon Bass or maybe all star caliber players in Chris Bosh or Carlos Boozer? Yes i am from the Bay Area and i know alot about the Warriors. As much as i love Curry, they should have taken the flashy Jennings because Ellis is not the point guard of the future. I just cant see him being a point guard in this league.
Starting Line-up:

PG Monta Ellis

SG Stephen Curry

SF Stephen Jackson

PF Anthony Randolph

C Andris Biedrins

6th Man: F Corey Maggete

Thats a hell of a line-up, but i dont see it being enough to get them to the playoffs. And i am against the Stoudamire trade becos we would be giving up too much. Maybe next season GSW, im sure we can find a point guard or a legit Forward in the 2010 Draft. Not trying to get ahead of myself, I would love to get Derrick Favors or maybe a Kemba Walker. Al-Farouiq Aminu would be pretty nice for the Warriors. And sorry fellas, this is a pretty long forum post. haha

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Kelenna Azubuike?

Is available for a trade? Any rumors out there involving him? It seems like the Warriors are over-loaded at the guard spots and with set to be a free-agent next season they will probably lose him, right?

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