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I know this is kind of a weird topic, but there are no lakes in L.A. There are no grizzlies in Memphis. There's no jazz in Utah. And who came up with the name "Clippers"?

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Minneapolis (land of 1000 lakes) Lakers moved to LA.
Vancouver (land of 1000 bears) Grizzlies moved to Memphis.
New Orleans (land of jazz music) Jazz moved to Utah.
San Diego (largest US navy base) Clippers moved to LA.

Don't worry, I am from Chicago, and I haven't seen too many Bulls wandering around here recently. Really, team nicknames are one of the more bizarre aspects of professional sports.

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yeah, what ch15r36is said

ch15r36is ftw

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ch15r36is is so damn right... I am a Bulls fan and I cant figure out why Chicago has no Red Bulls in the city.

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