Team Melo vs Team Philly

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Lebron killing, but is

Lebron killing, but is literally prolly 0-30 from three

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Team Philly

Let's hold onto this lead and pull this shit out. Would of been a different game is Durant played instead of LeBron....

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Worst leader...

McNabb or LeBron?

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Lou Williams really took care

Lou Williams really took care of business down the stretch, seemed like he couldn't miss in the 4th. Only caught the end, but its sad that this is the closest thing we have to basketball for the foreseeable future.

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Thoughts... Agreed Flossy,


Agreed Flossy, Lou caught onto a rhythm there. He was gunnin.

I prefer the HS version of LBJ. I disagree when people say his body has zapped his athleticism, but I think he had better body control and didn't rely just on his physicality to dominate. He was more agile and had more finesse in his game than he does now. Plus he didnt seem like the egomaniac he seems like now.

LBJ's 3's looked ugly there for a while.

Tyreke is nasty with the pill. Get that boy some support. Hopefully Jimmer continues to be the talent he was in college and Cousins continues to improve.

I love Kyle Lowry's game. Tough, scrappy, has a nice 3 point shot, can drive and dish. He's just a fun player to watch.

FlyntFlossy is much more likable when he posts like this. +1 for Flynt. You impressed me on this thread.

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Saw the whole 2nd half

Lou Williams can score, he is incredibly quick and I have seen him keep his team in games single handedly. The problem is, he can also shoot his team out of games single handedly. Very hard to stay in front of that guy though, the thing is that he is a scoring guard trapped in a PG's body.

Other notes:

  • I saw little to nothing wrong with LeBron James. He appeared to be not going his hardest and still absolutely dominant. Saw nothing wrong with his ball handling and very little structure to show any post game. As soon as the season gets back on, think he will be the best player in the league, which is kind of what he is and has been.
  • As far as his "blow-by ability", I think that was there as well. I did not see the first half folks, but the guy looked as good as ever. Wizard, his using his body definitely makes him a great dribbler, it is very hard to take the ball away and he can draw contact. Also, in order for his head to be at the rim, if you really think about it, he would have to have 40" on the jump. Do you think he, or any other player for that matter, jumps 40" every time? All I know is, the guy is a fantastic athlete and strong as an ox, take whatever else away from him, especially if he keeps losing, but he still seems to be a pretty dominant basketball player.
  • Kyle Lowry has apparently been killing it this summer, and destroyed Josh Selby. For all of the Selby talk I was hearing, Lowry absolutely owned the kid. Think that Selby will take a while before being in that class of PG, if he does indeed get to that point.
  • Tyreke Evans is a fantastic player and a lot of fun to watch. To me, he is what LeBron James would look like if he were a few inches shorter and had slightly above average athleticism. I thought he might be an All-Star last year, and I am still not sure he will be this up coming year, but he will get there at some point. The guy is a beastly combo guard, who I really think is a 2 at his best.
  • Carmelo seemed pretty rusty, they all did. I think that going through training camp and having a more serious attitude towards training really gets these guys in gear. Melo, LeBron and even Chris Paul were all clanging from long range, just shaking off rust in my opinion.
  • Philly flat out won, they played harder and better. They were also younger and faster, which in this type of game, can definitely give you an advantage.
  • The key to these exhibitions is to have fun, put on a show for the fans and to NOT GET HURT. As soon as the court started getting really slippery, and when Hakim Warrick had that incredibly awkward slipping dunk/lay-up, I think the game was over. These games are incredibly different from NBA games, quite obviously, and I think it is hard to analyze exactly what this translate to as far as to their NBA abilities. They seem to accentuate the positive of what certain players do well and the negative of them maybe not doing what they would normally do, making shots of increased difficulty in defensive pressure. It was well and good watching this game, but I really want the NBA back. These games are incredibly sloppy and while we see a show, I think in no way do we see the level of basketball most of us are used to.
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Impressive performance by

Impressive performance by Flynt Flossy, he really shutup all his critics.

And Chris Johnson got 53 million for four years, and stupid a$$ giving me nothing in ANY of my fantasy leagues.

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