Team Defense

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Team Defense

I am a true believer by the quote "Offense Brings the fans, Defense wins the championships"
I always like the blue collar, grind it out type teams and defense first mentality.
My Fav team is the Bulls, but ive always been in awe year after year (like most people) with the Spurs, and Alot of people say with a healthy Granger and "re-motivated" Hibbert, the Pacers could test the Heat as well as Memphis (as im watching this game right now)

Purpose for this post is Spurs are perennially contenders and Pacers and Memphis are above borderline contenders. Looking at their rosters

Spurs - Timmy D was the number one pick although 15 years ago But their next highest drafted player is a 15th pick Kawhi Leonard (via george hill trade). We all know San Antonio find all those gems overseas or late rounds but pretty impressive year after year.

Indy - This team i find more interesting, year after year they have been that team who just miss the playoffs or just make the playoffs like some teams now (76ers, bucks, rapts, utah, who arent bad enough to tank) But what i find very interesting is they have acquired all those 10-20 picks thru the years to form their team. Highest drafted players on that team is Paul George and DJ Augustine at 10, Granger and Hibbert both 17th picks, West is 18th same as Gerald Green, George Hill 26th and a few 2nd rounders (Lance and Young). Proves with great drafting you can put together a contender without totally tanking. (I know they traded for hill but the pick was 15th pick Leonard) and signed West and DJ, But never the less still impressive

Grizz - Memphis is in a totally different boat as the 2 above, at one time they had a squad that was 10-12 deep when Pau was there, and acquired alot of their current talent via trades. the Gasol trade everyone can agree Memphis eventually won the trade, Z-bo they got for nothing from Clips, They did draft Conley 4th overall, tayshaun and ed davis from the Gay trade, and signed Tony allen and Bayless. but again looking at their team other then Conley (4th overall) their team is a bunch of Late lottery to the end of first round players.

To sum it up... we have 3 contenders here, all 3 have went a different route in acquiring their talent, all 3 are best defensive teams, other then Duncan (15th year) and Conley (4th pick, altho maybe a little high in that draft) their whole team consist of borderline lottery picks-end of first round and 2nd rounders. These are the grind it out, blue collar dirty work guys that teams need to draft higher to improve the current rosters.

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I hardly think everyone

I hardly think everyone agrees Memphis won that trade, sure Marc Gasol turned out much MUCH better then what any one expected but LA won 2 championships with Pau, Memphis havent even gotten to the Western Conf. Finals with the pieces they acquired in that trade.

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