T-Wolves Mock Draft

Here is my Minnesota Timberwolves 2009 Mock draft. First as no trades, and then second what I think they should trade for.

#1 Blake Griffin
#2 Hasheem Thabeet
#3 James Harden
#4 Ricky Rubio
#5 Stephen Curry

So the top 4 are pretty much obvious. They may not go in that order but they will all be gone in the top 4. With pick #5, that is not as obvious. I say that if Washington does not take Steph Curry, we should take him. We had an NBA worst .441 FG% and the 7th worst 3pt%. Steph Curry can help us with that. But I think that Washington will take him at #5. So I think the Timberwolves will take Brandon Jennings. We need a quick guy that can drive in and also shoot.

#6 Brandon Jennings PG
#18 Omri Casspi SF
#28 Jermaine Taylor SG
#45 Jodi Meeks SG
#47 Rodrigue Beaubois PG

Potential 2009 Roster
(s)= starter
PG: Brandon Jennings(s) (Randy Foye) Bobby Brown, Ben Woodside
SG Randy Foye(s) Mike Miller, Jermaine Taylor, Jodi Meeks
SF Ryan Gomes(s) Omri Casspi, Rodney Carney
PF Kevin Love(s) Craig Smith, Mark Madsen
C: Al Jefferson(s) (Kevin Love),(Craig Smith) Brian Cardinal

Now here what I think the timberwolves should do with their picks because I don't think that we should have 3 new first round draft picks without trading away some players.

#1 Blake Griffin
TRADE #6, Sebastian Telfair, Corey Brewer ,#6, #45 to Memphis for #2 and Greg Buckner.

So after this trade, we have some options. We have Hasheem Thabeet, Ricky Rubio, James Harden, and Steph Curry.
Thabeet- Will help out defense. Could allow Jefferson to slide back to PF position
Rubio- Will create offense and scoring opportunities on offense. Great passer
Harden- NBA ready and great defender
Curry- Best shooter in the draft

After all of this, I say we should take Ricky Rubio. I know a lot of people think he is all hype, but he can create opportunities for Randy Foye, Jefferson, Love, and Mike Miller.
#2 Ricky Rubio PG

After Trading Brewer away, we have a need at SF.
#18 Derrick Brown SF
#28 Jermaine Taylor SG
#47 Dante Cunningham PF

Potential 2009 Roster
(s)= starter
PG: Ricky Rubio(s) (Randy Foye) Bobby Brown, Ben Woodside
SG Randy Foye(s) Mike Miller, Jermaine Taylor
SF Ryan Gomes(s) Derrick Brown, Rodney Carney
PF Kevin Love(s) Dante Cunningham, Craig Smith, Mark Madsen
C: Al Jefferson(s) (Kevin Love),(Craig Smith) Brian Cardinal

Let me know what you think!

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Mock Draft Trade

I like your idea, trading for number 2. I don't think memphis would take the following for their number 2 draft pick and Buckner.

#6 #45 and Telfair and Brewer

If that was to happen I prefer this line up:
2 - Thabeet
18 - Teague, Maynor, Holiday
28 - Sam Young, T Williams, or Dajuan Summers
47 - Taj Gibson or Dante Cunninghams

PG - 18# pick, Tefair, (Foye)
SG - Miller, (Foye), (Cardney), (Brewer)
SF - Gomes, (Cardney), (Brewer), 28#pick
PF - Jefferson, Love, Smith, #47 pick, Cardinal
C - Thabeet, (Jefferson)

It'll be a combination between the following playing most of the minutes at the big rotation,

Thabeet, Jefferson
Jefferson, Love
Thabeet, Love

Guard Rotation:
This would be a lot more versitatl as the SF/SG players can shift up and down.
PG would be more steady as something like this. #18, telfair and foye playing most of the mins at point.

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