T Wolves

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T Wolves

What Do You guys think they will do?I have been listening to K Fan a minnesota talk radio show and they think they are gonna move there pick they dont know which direction what do u guys think?They were also talking about the odds of Thabeet or Rubio falling to 6 to the wolves and talking about possible trade ups couple things I have to say....

First of all Kevin Love cant be traded back to Memphis till 2010 2011 so he is out of any deal to Memphis.

Second Will Rubio or Thabeet fall?If Thabeet really does have a shoulder injury I wouldnt be surprised if he does fall a couple places because I know he wore a brace or a band aid or some type of taping on it during the season so I can realistically see him falling

Third has anyone else heard that Russell Westbrook will want out of OKC if they draft Rubio. Russell said he had a good rookie year and wants to stay PG not SG, has anyone else heard this?

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I think the Thunder are set

I think the Thunder are set on James Harden. Westbrook is much better than Rubio right now. I think the T Wolves will get a good player. Curry or Evans might be there still at 6. One of them should be at least.

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