syracuse game tonight / MCW

i know everyone always makes a big fuss about cuse not playing good teams and this is true but i feel like tonights game is really big for MCW. of course detroit isnt a good team but ray mccallom is a pretty good talent. I feel like even tho the game will be irrelevant and cuse will probably win by 30 that the MCW vs ray mccallum matchup will be competitive. Probably the best PG MCW has seen up to this point in the season. anyone have any predictions?

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Irrelevant? This could be

Irrelevant? This could be Boeheim's 900th win. Maybe irrelevant in terms of the season, but this could be a historical moment if you ask me.

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Haha ultrablue basically

Haha ultrablue basically through it in your face. Irrelevant eh? A "basketballjunkie" would know that this game is the opposite of irrelevant.

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I'm more interested in

I'm more interested in watching Ray McCallum for the first time

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i meant this game is

i meant this game is irrelevant as far as the season goes..of course it ended up being unexpectedly close but you never really understood what i meant by that....sorry

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Watching the game I found

Watching the game I found myself more intrigued by Southward, man dude can shoot, and Anderson, dudes got mad hops, than either of the high profile PGs

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