Summer League Update

One game has been completed already today. BJ Mullens put up terrible #s. Harden & Livingston continue to be solid.
Robert Vaden hasn't done a thing. I told everybody the Thunder were so stupid to trade for him. Vaden simply isn't an nba player.

Wesley Matthews has been a big dissapointment thus far. Eric Maynor has really cooled off the last couple of games. Duncan & Kruger have been very consistent but I'm not sure they have made a big enough impact to make an nba roster. Why was Suton drafted? He has a future in Europe. What was Dar Tucker thinking? He should've stayed at Depaul.

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i'm kinda shocked that they

i'm kinda shocked that they didn't win. D.J White looks good though for OKC numbers wise, so did Livingston and Harden. I can't believe how inconsistent Mullens is. It's kinda sad. All of the OKC fans were excited to see that they finally got a decent Center, and find out that he's inconsistent. I hope that changes in the future. I still think they should have won without westbrook

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Mullins had 18

Mullins had 18 yesterday...he seems he needs some time, but he had solid post moves yesterday

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Dar Tucker thought he would

Dar Tucker thought he would do what Wilson Chandler would do. Chandler is so much better and bigger. Huge mistake! Koshwal made a good decision to return, but team may go another season without conference win. Wainright is actually a very good coach. DePaul is overmatched in Big East.

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TWilliams continues to dissapoint. Jrue has another mediocre performance. Speights had an OK game.

Nets/76ers haven't won a summer league game thought they had some talent too

Gabe Pruitt had an excellent game 13pts 9asst only 2 Turnovers

Coby Karl has a good chance at making an nba roster IMO. He has been pretty consistent throughout summer league. Pretty good rebounder & scorer. Not to mention he is smart and his asst/to ratio is excellent.

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