Steve Nash

Steve Nash is focusing on three teams in free agency- Suns, Raptors, Blazers.

Thoughts about where he will land?

Blazers i thought didnt want a short term deal? but if he goes, they draft drummond and a SG (rivers, lamb, ross) and bring back batum, that is a very solid squad.

Suns- he loves everything there, fans, weather, medical staff, but he said if they dont sign talent and bring in people to contend, he wants out, will the front office finally get there heads outta there ass and listen. or do they rebuild.

Raptors- i dont know much about them but they have a lot of money to spend, and the power forward who can shoot and play pick and pop with nash.

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If Nash wants to play for a

If Nash wants to play for a competitor and attempt to get a ring, he best look elsewhere besides these 3 teams whom all happen to picking in the lottery this year

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why not go to miami? or OKC

why not go to miami? or OKC to back up Westbrook?,

out of the three choices there, knicks has the highest probability of getting him the ring, P & R with either Carmelo or amare, lobbing to Chandler for easy oops

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“The difference is they’ll

“The difference is they’ll channel it the right way. They’ll come out in practice, work hard and make our team better. I think playing time will never be an issue.”

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