Steve Blake

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Steve Blake

Is a really solid basketball. I wish he would be aggressive and penetrate more because he is quick enough to get into the lane. He absolutely should have taken that open 3 at OKC since he was wide open. I guess people like to hate on the guy, but he can definitely play in the league. I've liked Blake since the 2002 Terps national championship team with Baxter and Juan Dixon. I had to pick another college basketball team to root for that year since my Heels were 8-20 with god awful coach Matt Doherty. Keep doing your thing Steve.

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I don't know why

anyone would doubt the talent of a starting pg for Oak Hill Academy.

-Blake, Jennings, Lawson, Rod Strickland, Rondo, and Nolan Smith.

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Steve Blake

I think this is the first thread ever made about him.

I'll bet he'll hardly be able to contain himself...

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Any laker fan giving him a

Any laker fan giving him a hard time is an idiot. It was his 5 for 6 night in game seven against the nugs that even got the lakers into the second round. How can you forget that?

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I cant lie, I dont think

I cant lie, I dont think Blake is very good, but he does play smart and within himself. He is good for a few 3's and he generally is a caretaker when he has the ball, but he struggles with making reads a bit too much for me to say he's anything more than average. He's also not strong at capitalizing when the Lakers have numbers in transition. The Lakers sometimes have 2-1 or even 3-1 and Blake will pull the ball out and try and set up offense when getting an easy shot is the correct option. He also struggles with quick PG's on D at times, even though he puts in effort.

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PacersGrandpa made me laugh.

PacersGrandpa made me laugh.

He's good, but not post worthy... Hasn't done anything special, and his defense is pretty bad. His whole game just bothers me honestly.

Average role player.

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Perfect descrption of PG as a

Perfect descrption of PG as a poster ^^^^^

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