Steph curry wit 29pts

After wat I seen him play today this kid will not b a bust

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Yea I Saw This Game

Yea I Saw This Game Two......It Was Nice Tyreke Evans Had A GAme To remeber As Well (Double Double )......For A Summer League Game It Was A Thriller, And Curry's game Winner Was Nice

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roy sleeper

roy sleeper

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he was 8-22 3ast and 3to's

he was 8-22 3ast and 3to's

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That is start because he is

That is start because he is the main focus imagine him playing with Ellis and Stephen Jackson. You can't double him and if you double team anyone on their team it is will get scary. Golden State needs for Randolph to be their power forward of the future and work down low a lot.

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Nice game

I like Evans more, he looks like better player than J.Thompson now...
and Anthony Randolph is the man, he is the best of those four! (I think)

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