Stash Picks

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Stash Picks

Who do you guys see in the draft that is worth a "stash" pick, someone who you can wait on to develop overseas for a few seasons and sign after? this doesn't necessarily mean that the draftee is going to be good, but he is worth the high risk/high reward

for the sake of the argument:
draftees who'll likely be picked 25th or later (so no hyped international players like gobert, giannis, or saric, etc, even though they may fall down that low, but it'll be too obvious of an answer, try to look for the not obvious "steals")
someone who is most likely not going to be signed right away by the the team that drafted them (ex: bogdanovic, bertans, etc)

and list the reason why


I'm going with Mam Jaiteh. 6"11 and he's only 18 years old. I realize that he's not that athletic but he can possibly find a niche and be a skilled center that can contribute. If he goes on the right team that has a good history of developing centers, I think he can pan out.

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Giannis Adetokoubo

Giannis Adetokoubo for sure, he needs to be playing at a higher level also his body is still too slight for the NBA. If he were to play in the NBA next season he'll be the youngest player, it's too soon for him as you can't go from the Greek second division to the NBA in one year and expect positive results thankfully he'll be playing for first division club Zaragoza in Spain if he doesn't play in the NBA that does include a buy-out clause.

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Mike muscala. Has some of the

Mike muscala. Has some of the best low post skills in this draft, but just so damn soft. I'll admit I'll only watched him in the NCAA tourny 1 game, but I had my wyes on him the whole time. He has a left hand and soft touch and can go up over either shoulder. Very advanced skills for a big. But he has almost no chance of hanging out there right now vs NBA bigs. Just too weak.

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