Stan Van Gundy & Dwight article

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Stan Van Gundy & Dwight article;_ylt=AlqT2vgpX5AaEZDTw9vB9ZG8vLYF?slug=...

Within the Orlando Magic, there were those suspicious of the possibility that Dwight Howard could’ve played the past two games with so-called back spasms, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Only Howard knows his threshold for pain, but everyone else knows this for a fact: His threshold for criticism is far less, and the possibility of becoming the bad guy for Stan Van Gundy’s eventual dismissal troubled him far more.

Howard has been calling for the firing of Van Gundy since the summer of 2011, a source close to the coach said, and those demands have included the dismissal of general manager Otis Smith, too. The Magic locker room has been divided for most of the season – most siding with Van Gundy, some with Howard, sources say – and it had reached a critical mass with Howard sitting out losses this week to Denver and Detroit.

“The organization has allowed Dwight to set up the coach,” a league source close to management and the coach said. “They have to have a reason to blame someone. If they win, and he gets fired, everyone will know it’s on the player. Losing gives everyone the out when the season’s over, especially Howard.”

So Van Gundy walked into Thursday morning’s shoot-around, a fresh batch of reports surfacing that Howard wants him out, with a decision made in his mind: No more lying. Van Gundy was done playing make-believe. He was done dodging, denying and, yes, lying. He told the truth.

“The only thing that I’m ever uncomfortable with is bull-[expletive],” Van Gundy finally said.

This set off a surreal scene, when an unsuspecting Howard strolled over to his coach, thinking he had dismissed the stories with the organization’s running lie. Only, Howard found out that Van Gundy had liberated himself, told the truth, and left Howard stammering with his empty, embarrassing denials.

Van Gundy had a plan here. He understood that these Magic, losers of four straight, couldn’t go on this way. He wanted it out there: Yes, I’m gone. So stop tanking. Stop trying to get me fired. When the season is over, you’ll get your wish. For now, let’s play. Let’s try to win.

“It was that,” a source close to him said, “or they just fire him, and it’s over.”

Van Gundy walks away with several millions of dollars if he gets fired. He’s no hero here, but he is an honest man on the matter. Ownership has completely lost control here. Privately, Van Gundy believes that ownership gave Howard the power to fire him once he agreed to opt-in for the 2012-’13 season. Howard was as good as gone to New Jersey, had sent word over and over, and backed out in the last 24 hours before the trade deadline.

For the first time, Howard realized that he was driving down LeBron Street, realized the criticism that was coming his way for forcing a trade, and he hit the brakes. He slammed it into reverse, turned around and did the one thing that could give him instant gratification: Stay one more year, get a standing ovation in Orlando, and restart this circus next summer.

For the Magic, it is far more important to keep Howard over Van Gundy. It doesn’t matter that Howard will someday regret pulling this power play. It doesn’t matter that Howard hadn’t accomplished much significant until Van Gundy arrived to coach him, push him, and help make him a three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, an NBA Finalist. Van Gundy is great, but you have to pick the star over the coach. Always. Still, you don’t do it this way. Unless Howard decides to sign his five-year extension, he doesn’t get to fire one of the NBA’s five best coaches. If he signs, well, that changes everything. That’s business.

Yet, Howard doesn’t have the courage of convictions, and that got exposed Thursday when he couldn’t simply stand there and say, ‘Yes, I’ve told management that I want someone else coaching the Magic.’ It would’ve been liberating for Van Gundy, the locker room, the franchise, but it wasn’t surprising Howard remained silent, because ownership has created a culture where they’ll constantly cover for him. If he was willing to stay five more years, well, these are flaws that you’d live with for the best center on the planet. That’s basketball. That’s business.

When Stan Van Gundy walked out of that shoot-around on Thursday morning, several of his closest confidants believed he would be fired before the Magic met the New York Knicks on Thursday night. He didn’t care. The truth set him free, and he had to admit to some associates, it felt pretty damn good.

This is a star league, and Howard had always believed that he needed to leave Orlando to have the stage, the platform, to be the biggest in the world. Well, he finally had it on Thursday, and he stood there, stunned, stammering and waiting for someone to save him. Everyone could’ve lived with this unpleasant truth, this behind-the-scenes reality, but Dwight Howard had to keep playing make-believe in the Magic Kingdom. He finally drove back down LeBron Street, pedal to the floor, and there’s no turning back now.

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This is a disaster, I knew

This is a disaster, I knew from the moment Howard opteed in we'd see the same circus all over again, I hope they can work somthing out and make a playoff run, SVG is a good coach, but it looks like he may be out the door..................

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SVG is a good coach and

SVG is a good coach and assuming he wants to continue coaching I don't see him having a terrible time finding a job...The magic are just prolonging the's kinda sad to watch

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Clearly SVG wants to be

Clearly SVG wants to be fired. Why else would he tell the media that Dwight wants him fired?

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SVG is a straight foward man,

^SVG is a straight foward man, and now that he told the media this, if the Magic actually fire him than A) The Magic front office will get blasted for giving into their star(they'll probably get a letter from Dan Gilbert) and B) Now that this is out, do you really think that the same guy that was rumored to have opted in because he was getting blasted on twitter at the deadline, would let his reputation take this big of a hit? He wants to be known as the good guy and if SVG actually gets the boot, Dwight will get just as much heat as Deron did when Sloan stepped down. Maybe in a different way, but voth parties won't fire SVG- unless the Magic go on a losing streak and they have a valid "reason", but SVG is a good coach.

And I know he is a little loony, but I have to agree with Bill Simmons on this: If the Magic get by whoever they draw in round one, and play the Heat in the second round, can they not steal two games by going insanely hot with the three ball, and then having Dwight absolutly going ham in another two, and just like that it can be over. The odds of that happening are like 1-20, but still.

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dayymn man Howard has got to be the biggest drama queen in NBA history. He is the best center in the NBA by default cuz there aren't any real centers to begin win. I dont know about ya'll but I can't stand all the drama he's created. Why dont he grow up and be a man and say what he wants.

Lebron, Howard, Melo turning the NBA into a soap opera. The NBA needs more Kobes and derrick rose's. they throw back players.. all they care about is ball. i looove how d rose dont recruit anyone and says he loves the guys he has on his team. even Deron is throw back, at least he said what he's gonna be doing its the media creating all the drama with him.

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Scoreless in the first half,

Scoreless in the first half, finished with 8 and 8 in 40 mintues and only taking 8 shots? He needs to be more assertive. I really don't like the way he's acting. It's immature and childish, and changing his mind every half and hour makes it so confusing for poor Otis Smith. If NJ gets the #1, I wonder if either side would entertain Anthony Daivis, Brook Lopez, and Marshon Brooks for Dwight. That's an ineresting predicament for the Nets, because if you don't make that trade, than D-Will is gone, if you do, D-Will most likely stays, but then again you don't know about these divas.

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This is disappointing. I've

This is disappointing. I've always liked Dwight and he seems like a good dude, but this wrong. SVG is a good coach.

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I agree with all of Mookies

I agree with all of Mookies points, however his grammatical English could use some assistance.

Dwight is a p*ssy. Imagine how big he'd be if he didn't have so much estrogen pumping through those veins. If you are going to talk sh*t, you better man up and own what you are saying. For a guy as verbal and as attention-loving as Dwight is, he sure ended up tounge tied at the end of that conversation.

I never liked Dwight and now he has just sunken to a new low in my eyes.

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The Magic are putting the FUN back in dysfunctional...they got some issues...seems like a lot of talking behind each others backs.

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