St. Louis Billikens

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St. Louis Billikens

As of right now they sit atop the A-10 by .5 games. Unranked currently, but was earlier in the season. VCU and Butler obviously are ranked and are 2-3 in the conference. What do people think of this St. Louis team? No real "Star" on this team. Dwayne Evans does the scoring and rebounding. Kwamain Mitchell is a good (battle tested) guard to have. I think they could pull some surprises in the NCAA tournament. Lacking a little upfront but it's basically the same team that took Mich. St to the wire in last years tourney. Would love to hear everybodys thoughts on them! As well as any prospects they might have!

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I've seen the Bilikens play a

I've seen the Bilikens play a couple times this season, and I do feel they are a solid team, but not a really good one capable of making a deep run. I think the big thing they lack from last season, is the head coaching and experience of the late Rick Majerus. I think they have put together a pretty good tournament resume, and should get in as long as they don't get bounced in the 1st round of the A-10 tournament.

I watched them against Temple and Kansas, and saw major holes in their two best players when put up against higher caliber players.

Dwayne Evans does do the scoring and rebounding, but he is very small and a big team could really wreak some havoc on him defensively down low. In the Temple loss, a player with NBA length and a guy I'm quite fond of, Anthony Lee, killed him down low for 20/10 on 8/13 shooting.

Cody Ellis was the guy that I saw as a potential scoring threat, who could get hot from downtown, one of the games I saw St. Louis was against KU and Ellis struggled heavily to get his shot off against athletic guys like Kevin Young and Travis Releford. So, I think if the team they're matched up against has a team that can put a big athletic guy on Ellis and check him on the perimeter they'll be in trouble, because although they are an offense by comittee team, they'll need a big scoring punch to make a run in the NCAA tourney.

I'm not a believer in the 12-13 Bilikens, although I'd like to be, from an analytic standpoint, I think a 3rd or 4th team in from a major conference could handle them, but maybe the X-Factor that they lost their coach could propel them emotionally. Still, I don't think I'll be picking St. Louis when the brackets come out, unless they get matched up against a team without any post size or much athletic ability on the perimeter.

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They have no NBA prospects.

They have no NBA prospects. They play tremendous team basketball and defend like few teams in the nation. They potentially could make a sleeper sweet 16 run but I think they are more likely a team that will get an 8 or 9 seed and possibly win one game then get defeated by a top seed.

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