Spitting truth and venom.

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Spitting truth and venom.

A couple of thoughts from the top of the dome. If you wanna spit some venom, this is the place to be. If you disagree or just plain wanna diss my ass then you can do that too! Haha!

- Chris Singleton should get the starting nod in Washington. Face it, they ain't going nowhere this year. Rashard Lewis has been playing absolutely awful the first 7 games, and hasn't been able to fulfill any expectations at all after arriving in Washington. I can understand he is a respected and needed veteran leader in that young squad but I would have already amnestied his monster contract a month ago. Singleton has been improving every game, plays hard and does the dirty work Lewis keeps his hands clean from.

- Get rid of Blatche, I know easier said than done, and get Trevor Booker into the line-up.

- SF is a black hole for the Hornets as long as Maggette (30% FG% this year...) is in the line-up. Oh yeah sure, he can score points in bunches when he's hot, but when he's not he puts up brick after brick not to mention he's a major defensive liability. In his previous 12 seasons he's only been to the playoffs once just to give you an idea. The only problem is they have no one else. If they can fix the SF position you'd be looking at a whole other team.

- Speaking of black holes, Jermaine O'Neal can be one of the least motivated and interested players in the league. When he feels like it, and actually focuses he can still drop 18 points like last week. When he's not, then he's just awful most of the time, he can still block a shot but that's about it. Another Celtic black hole, Marquis Daniels, to me a laughable player no longer worthy of being an NBA player these days. When I think back to his early years with Dallas, he and Josh Howard were such good, promising and dependable players in the playoffs. Now all that's left is a caricature of himself. Oh yeah, for God's sake, get Brandon Bass in the line-up. Garnett is another year older, even skinnier (no disrespect) and his production continues to slide even more. We all know Bass would do a better job starting than KG these days.

- How about Cleveland? Above 500, after 7 games, they have been putting in work. And the scary thing is there is still so much room for improvement for their young players. Props to Irving for making it happen out there.

- Detroit &$#%#&@! up by overpaying Gordon and Villaneuva. Gordon has underperformed, and if I was his coach, I'd play his ass 40+ minutes a game and make him work his damn money. I can't blame it all on him though, the real cancer in this team is Rodney Stuckey, cause Gordon can still score big time if he would just get the damn ball! While definitely a good player, every blind man can see he is not a point guard and most def not the right man to build your team around. By drafting Brandon Knight, I was hoping Detroit finally got it, but he's still around since probably no one wants him (ala Corey Maggette, Rashard Lewis) On a positive note, Monroe and Jerebko have been monsters so far this season!

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