Someone enlighten me

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Someone enlighten me

I see that Dallas has the 13th pick in this years draft due to a trade. I cant seem to find how they managed to get it and I already clicked the asterisk. Help please.

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That is actually not a pick Dallas traded for

That is where the Mavericks would pick if the season ended today (or whenever that Mock Draft was last edited). They actually owe a first round pick to the Lakers, but that pick is top 20 protected until 2017. The Lakers got this pick from the Lamar Odom deal, along with the 8.9 million trade exception. Hope that explains it.

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So the Lakers will have a top-20 pick next year?

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"So the Lakers will have a

"So the Lakers will have a top-20 pick next year?"

no. protected til 17 as mikey said.

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So the lakers will get the

So the lakers will get the mavs pick if dallas ends with one of the first (better) 10 record.

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And hell, sometimes, when you

And hell, sometimes, when you have been "the man" your entire career, it is not a bad break every once in a while to let someone else handle the spotlight as you slip out the side door. It's nice to know that, as the last sands drip through the hourglass of your career, the team you are leaving is in good hands.

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