Some Truth around stats

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Some Truth around stats

Lebron is the youngest reaching the 20k point club but was he the fastest... Lebron need 726 games to reach 20k but he was only 28 yrs and 17 days that's right 10 seasons to reach it, well what about Kobe? you may ask and i have an answer too

Kobe 811 games to reach it 12 seasons playing and he was 29yrs and 92 days

not really Wilt Chamberlain reached the 20k in 499 games, he only need 7 seasons to reach it and he was 29 yrs and 134 days

what about MJ- 620 games, 9 seasons and he was 29yrs and 326 days... shock? not really i will put here the top 10

1. Wilt, 2. MJ, 3. Big O, 4. Kareem, 5. Baylor, 6. Iverson, 7. West, 8.Lebron, 9. Shaq and 10. Gervin oh and Kobe is 16th, this top is by games not by age

it's the same thing about this oh MJ won his first ring with 28yrs old well true but he was in his 7th season he started the season with 27 when he won the ring he was 28yrs... okay Jordan in 10 seasons won 3 rings right? what about Lebron? well Lebron his already playing his 10th season, he won his first ring in his 9th season MJ already had 2 and let's not talk in awards because in that conversation i can talk too, Jordan after one year retired and failing to win he won another 3...11th, 12th and 13th season retired then spent 2 years with the Wizards 14th(in this season Kobe won his 3rd ring and his last after 7 seasons) and 15th season... kobe was younger than MJ and Lebron when he won his first righ, yes he won his first, second and third on his 4th, 5th and 6th season, but let me tell you a cool fact in 10 seasons Kobe won 3 rings too cool isn't it? he only won his 4th and 5th in his 13th and 14th season... so he won again after 7 years... Enjoy

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