some trade ideas

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some trade ideas

1) thunders-jazz: jefferson(sing and trade) for perkins lamb and okc 1st round pick from raptors

thunder get the low post scores who need desperlty
jazz now have 3 first round pick...they can pack 2 of them to move up in the top 10 and get burke or mcCollum sind milsap and have burke-lamb-hayward-milsap-kanter with burks favors evans williams player from 3rd draft pick as a rotation.....

2)celtics-thunders-minnesota: garnett -terry for perkins sefolosa lamb and okc 1st round pick from raptors
and then pierce for kirilenko d. williams and minnesota 1st round pick
thundres with garnett - ibaka - durant - martin(resing) - westbrook and terry as a sixth man can go for the championship!!
minnesota with pekocic(resing) - love - pierce - draft pick or free agent - rubio can be very competitive..
celtics tank and rebilt the team...with young guys like rondo green brandley sullinger melo crawford lamb williams and 3 top 20 first round pick they can have i roster like this...

pg) rondo/brandley
sg) lamb/sefolosa/crawford/oladipo or muhammad or McCollum

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