Some Interesting articles about player's draft position.

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Some Interesting articles about player's draft position.

This is a good article to read if you are just now starting to do some NBA draft research. Gives a pretty good scoop of what teams are looking for and what players they are looking at in particular.

Discusses the T'Wolves trading up to get Rubio. Talks about Chase Budinger being called by some NBA exec's as being a 2nd round talent. Read the article to get more info on Chase. Talks about the Bulls-Nets swap of picks that most of you all have already caught on to. I was a little surprised at whom the Nets are slated to take if they make this deal. The rest is just chitter-chatter.

This article gives a nice update on Johnny Flynn (if you aren't keeping up with him on already). Also, there is a nice paragraph at the end about Paul Harris. Check it out. Mentions Devendorf as well.

A nice piece that talks about Curry, Rubio, Thabett and Harden. Also has an analysis at the end that may be helpful.

Can't wait for the draft. It may be the worst draft class in a while, but all the rumors have kept me interested.

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