Some Draft Workout.

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Some Draft Workout.

Ricky Ledo

Tim Hardaway Jr

Victor Oladipo

Trey Burke

Myck Kabongo

Jamaal Franklin

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Ledo is a guy I will be

Ledo is a guy I will be cheering for and hoping somehow for some reason the Raps and Massai decide to get their hands on. I think his fluidity is impressive along with that stroke

Franklin hit an awful lot of tough looking shots in that workout vid, his stroke looks a bit better than it had during the year.

Kabongo is another guy I think could be a steal for a team in the late first early second, sort of like Ledo

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Is first round talent.

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I hope Ledo will end up with

I hope Ledo will end up with a good franchise, like the Spurs or the Pacers, were they can groom him to become a very, very good player.

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