SMH Frank Vogel...

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SMH Frank Vogel...

I couldn't believe how many times he tried to run the same play for David West (15+ times IN A ROW), it was truly the definition of insanity (Doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result). Now don't get me wrong I love the toughness and the attitude he has brought to the Indiana Pacers, but man he does not know how to draw up plays to finish off a game.

Yes the Pacers won, but the game should've been put away earlier and putting the ball in George Hill's hands to dribble 100 times then dish with 2-3secs left on shot clock to me is useless. The best play they ran was the last one getting the ball into Paul George or Roy Hibbert's hand, I say that give the kid a chance to be that guy and don't handcuff him before we know whether or not he is capable of it or not.

On the plus side we got to see a bit more of Lance Stephenson and all though he didn't shoot well he was willing to man up in order to score down the stretch.

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It was obvious

that Vogel was afraid to go to Hibbert vs Cousins, who is not a good defender. Instead, he wanted West vs the smaller Chuck Hayes on the perimeter (for some reason). I can see using Hill vs Brooks in the post, or Paul G vs Thornton in the post (never tried), but pick-n-roll with West looking for a contested shot on the perimeter was not working. Vogel's sets out of timeouts almost never work. This may be due to the Pacers lack of go-to guy, but it speaks to a bigger problem of poor coaching in critical moments.

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