Smart Trade Idea

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Smart Trade Idea

Bucks get: Moe Harkless, Aaron Afflalo, Doron Lamb, Romero Osby, a 2014 1st round pick, future 1st round pick

Magic get: Brandon Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova

Why it makes sense for the Bucks:
It's obvious by now that the Bucks and Brandon Jennings aren't exactly on great terms now. So, trading him makes much more sense then trying to keep him around this year and attempt to contend for the 8th spot in the East. Instead, this move allows them to better build for the future. If the Bucks had a choice, it would definitley be to make up for last year's trade blunder, and get Tobias Harris back as well. But the Magic would never do that, so, they settle for Harkless instead. Harkless showed some promise last year, and has good potential for the rebuliding Bucks. Osby provides a much needed body at the 3-spot (and he can also move down to the 4). The Bucks also need depth at the 2-guard spot, which Lamb provides. Aaron Afflalo is a throw in, to make this trade financially work for both teams, and he could start over Mayo, but probably at the SF for the Bucks. The 2014 pick and the other pick will help the Bucks cause at going after Wiggins or Parker next year.

Bucks Projected Starting 5 (after trade)
PG: Luke Ridnour, Nate Wolters
SG: OJ Mayo, Giannis Antentokounmpo, Doron Lamb
SF: Aaron Afflalo, Moe Harkless, Carlos Delfino
PF: John Henson, Ekpe Udoh, Romero Osby
C: Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia

Why it makes sense for the Magic:
The Magic are in desperate need of a legitimate franchise PG, and they may have gotten one in Brandon Jennings. True, he needs to clean up his shot selection, but he is still young, and has a lot of potential. He lets the Victor Oladipo, PG experimentation end, which it should. Ilyasova provides an excellent stretch 4 for the Magic. The Magic now potentially have a legitimate starting 5, at the expense of their lackluster bench.

Magic Projected Starting 5 (after trade)
PG: Brandon Jennings, Jameer Nelson
SG: Victor Oladipo, E'Twaun Moore
SF: Tobias Harris, Hedo Turkoglu
PF: Ersan Ilyasova, Andrew Nicholson
C: Nikola Vucevic, Kyle O'Quinn

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The Bucks completly win

1. They don't want Jennings who is a volume shooter whose play doesn't equal wins (ie: just enough to be late lottery, right where you don't want to be)

2. They get a bunch of young talent back for a player they were trying not to re-sign in the first place and Mo Harkless has all-star potential if given heavy minutes for a few years.

3. Jennings takes the Magic into the late lottery and far away from Wiggins, Parker, Randle ect and who gets that pick... the Bucks, they win again.

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there is no chance in hell

there is no chance in hell the Magic make that deal.

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Congratulations Orlando! You get to lose a bunch of good young talent for the right to overpay Jennings and to be stuck in neutral for the next 4 to 5 years...?

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Bucks Fan?

I take it your a Bucks fan, as am I. This trade would be highway robbery for the Bucks. They would get a chance to nab Wiggins next year, a potential all-star in Harkless, and they get rid of an overrated, trigger-happy Brandon Jennings.

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You think Jennings has any

You think Jennings has any value at all let alone that package??? Ridiculous post.

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While I think Ersan is a

While I think Ersan is a solid player, I can't see the Magic wanting to take Jennings.. To be honest with you, I'm not even sold on his potential. Yes, he may be young, but he has shot a mediocre percentage from the field so far in his career and his awful shot selection habits aren't going to help improve that aspect any time soon. Not to mention, Jennings is asking for around 11 million a year, hugely overrating his value.

As a GM wanting to promote a young nucleus of hard working players (ie Oladipo, Harris, Harkless, etc), I just can't see the Magic wanting a player like Jennings (and his mentality) being the floor general and on-court leader of the team.

Also, I feel like they could get better value in return for Affalo... It's too bad the trade to the Clippers that would have sent Bledsoe to Orlando didn't pan out, I would have been very excited about that.

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Jennings is no franchise PG.

Jennings is no franchise PG. They aren't making the playoffs anytime soon and they would have taken Marcus Smart at #2 if he had entered this year and have a chance to get either him, Andrew Harrison, or Christon. Harkless is an extremely fluid athlete and only 20 years old. They'd be foolish to give him up at this point.

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Do you know what the word

Do you know what the word "smart" even means?

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I am not sure the bucks would

I am not sure the bucks would be able to get more than a late lottery pick for branden jennings. Who ever gets him will have to pay him $10 million a year which decreases his value. If I am orlando though I would rather just tank and try to get a young point guard, either semaj christon, andrew harrison or preferably marcus smart then they are on a rookie contract and they can develop with your team

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