skills sets vs production

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skills sets vs production

In every draft you wonder why some franchise draft a player after having a subpar season on the college ranks. This year will be another year where some people will shake their head and say who. Here are some guys who will get drafted in the first round and even lottery because of upside instead of production, Jrue Holliday of UCLA had a up and down season and never saw him have a breakout game but many feel his knowlegde of the game and upside will get him drafted. Demar Dorazen is another guy who had a so-so year as well as guys like Earl Clark. Some would also say Brandon Jennings but the international game is different from the American style of play.

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Demar is the player that i feel 4 years from now people will say was either taken way to early or way to late. He has the tools to be Vince but plays like he is Gerald Green. His own brother even told ESPN that Demar doesn't show up for games prepared. That gets you no where in the NBA. Brandon Jennings you have to say did have rough year in Europe and I think should be taken 6-10 on the draft board. If he would have played in U.S. though I think he would have been a 3-8 pick

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Just imagine what Jennings

Just imagine what Jennings would have done in Arizona. Nic Wise was what, first tm all Pac 10. Jennings would have been a youtube sensation and been compared to Tiny Archibald. I cant wait to see him ion the L, i just hope he goes somewhere where he has a green light.

KevDurantRocks I agree 100%, i cant call it on Derozan. He could be Vince or he could be Deshawn Stevenson, Donhtay Jones, Corey Maggete, etc.

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stay in school

blake griffin would not have been a star in the nba last year if he came out. some guy's need two years. demar does not have eye popping explosiveness, or a consistent jum shot. b. jennings should be rated higher than rubio if he is considered an impact player. so i don't see any skill set that these guy's can bring

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UCLA's style of play didn't fit Jrue, look at RW in his two years as a Bruin he only averaged 7.5 points per... If he's put in a more uptempo game he could do wonders... And if you look at all the other European players who had to learn the game at later stages and come over to the US and try and be effective the sky's the limit for brandon jennings who played a year in the tough pro game of the euro league... Demar seems to lack the desire to come and play at the top of his game night in and night out, during his freshman season he only shined in the conference playoffs and still hasn't proven he has the least bit of range on his jump shot(.167 3pt%) so you only can compare his athleticism to Vince not his game

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you're right kevin durant does rock n i agree 99% with what u said because i don't know if he shows up 4 games prepaired but his skill set even right now is way better than gerald green's in every asset of the game

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I think alot of these players need to go back....Its the NBA's fault as well

If they did not buy into potential so much alot of these would not be in the draft

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