Sixers Trade Option

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Sixers Trade Option

Just spitting out another idea here. The sixers still need to move salary if they want to move forward in the near future (3-4 years). To do so they need to trade the salaries of Iggy and Brand. Here are a couple of ideas

Sixers: Brand, Iggy
Milwaukee: Redd, Gadzuric, Ilyasova and a future 1st rounder

Sixers move their long term contracts while adding a young player and a 1st rounder. They build around their young core and will be bad enough to have another high draft pick. Next summer they will have cap space with the expiring contracts coming off and a lot of young talent. They would have enough cap space to potentially sign two big time free agents to add to their young talent. The bucks add a player to compliment Jennings and Bogut. They need to make trades to attract talent since no big time free agents really want to go to Milwaukee because well its Milwaukee. They still however will be about 10-12 million under the cap entering next summer so they could also attract a big free agent. I don't think Milwaukee would do this because they don't want to take on Brands contract but adding a talent like Iggy comes with some sacrifice.

Sixers: Brand
Detroit: Rip Hamilton, Chris Wilcox

Sixers: Iggy, Lou Williams
Dallas: Butler, Stevenson, Roddy Buckets future 1st rounder

First trade is trash contract for trash contract but both players are better fits for the team they are being traded to. Plus the sixers save about 5 million the next summer. The second trade is to acquire expiring contracts as well as a young talent in exchange for Iggy. Dallas will take on salary and although they really like Roddy, Iggy would be a great second fiddle to Dirk (assuming he stays around).

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