Signature Moves

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Signature Moves

What is your favorite signature move of all time?

I won't ask what is the best/most dominate signature move of all time. That easily goes to Kareem and the sky hook.

Mine is from my favorite player of all time, Tim Hardaway and the Killer Crossover, or UTEP 2 Step.

Jamal Crawford- Shake n Bake
MJ- Fade away
Hakeem- Dream Shake
McHale- Up and Under
Manu- Euro step or does that belong to Sarunas Marciulionis?
D Rose- floater/push
Tim Duncan- bank
Rondo- Show n Go
Nash- one footed runner
Ice Man- Finger roll
God Shammgod- The Shammgod
Dirk- one foot turnaround fade
Steve Smith- half spin
Dr. J- reverse lay up
AI- crossover

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Where's Kobe's fadeaway? That

Where's Kobe's fadeaway? That shot was unblockable for a long time, and Carmelo's one dribble pull up? That's got to be one of the fastest moves in the league

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Perimeter: It's a tie between

Perimeter: It's a tie between the Shake 'n Bake and Kobe's "pull-up pump fake spin jumpshot thingy".

Post: Bassline spin underhook. Luis Scola does this move a lot.

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Kareem's Sky Hook?

Kareem's Sky Hook?

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My favourite to use as a

My favourite to use as a player is the steve smith move. Works for me as it really helps getting that step and is very conducive to a one foot take off which I can get to the rim with fairly easily. To watch I think it would be when Kobe gets his defenders in the air with a pump fake, then spins off for a finish. Works almost every time, but more often then not, it requires a right handed player to finish with his left, especially from the post. Beautiful to watch, its like a dance.

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Or that side step, like a

Or that side step, like a fake drive, right into the deep 3. Lotta people use that one though, not really a signature.

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I like this move by Anthony
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I'm not sure about my

I'm not sure about my favorite of all time. Maybe Jordan's left shoulder fade, but that's a boring answer.

As for signature moves that I liked to incorporate in my own game, it had to be Smitty's reverse pivot hesitation....especially on the left baseline.

Ed Cota/BD's wraparound dribble was always a showstopper. Definitely one of my favorites.

Another current signature move that I like is CP3's fake 1 handed pass, backspin dribble. Sometimes he does it and it seems like a pointless move where he's just playing with the ball. Other times he'll even fake out the cameraman.

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Any body remember White Chocolate?

Jason Williams pass off his elbow.... That was pretty insane and he did it a few times...

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Al Jefferson's pump fake. I

Al Jefferson's pump fake. I also love Sam Young's pump fake.

Evan Turners behind the back to the spin move dribble.

Tony Parker's spin move

Chris Paul's hesitation dribble

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The Dream Shake is simple yet

The Dream Shake is simple yet devastating. I love Hakeem make the lay-up with no defender in site after he gets them to bite on the fake.

To add one to the list, you have to consider Ginobili's behind-the-back drive. He brings the ball so far to his right side that it's almost impossible to steal and he gets to keep his forward momentum.

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Surprised D Wade's euro step

Surprised D Wade's euro step hasn't been mentioned. Not that he invented it, but he has perfected it.

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Timmy Hardaway UTEP two

Timmy Hardaway UTEP two step

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allen iverson

iverson crossing over j.vaughn
or jordan, or kendall gill or mark jackson
jamal crawford is nice to

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Paul Pierce's step back

Paul Pierce's step back jumper, very deadly from mid-range.

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Hakeem the dream

You just don't see many post moves in today's game.

I miss it dearly...

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i like lebron's sig

i like lebron's sig move...the "freight train" where he just tramples everyone in his way and jams it...wait i may have been confused with 2k bballl and the actual nba...but whatever same stuff.

all joking fav has got to be the dream shake that move by itself created the best nba center to ever play the game...

i think dwade's pumpfake should be matter how many times he does it and how he cannot make an open jumpshot anywhere beyond 15 feet from the basket defenders still fall for it.

also magic's ridiculous passes can technically be there too cuz he's prob the only player to have ever been able to make such passes

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LeBron's crab dribble

LeBron's crab dribble lol

Wade's patented post-up on the left wing turn-around fade-away

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