Shane Larkin Breaks Ankle

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Shane Larkin Breaks Ankle

Just read this on, tough break (literally) for the rookie. Hopefully he heels quickly and doesn't miss any regular season games.

"Shane Larkin suffered a broken right ankle during practice on Friday and could miss the next 2-3 months.
He'll need surgery to repair the fracture. Larkin was all set to make a first impression in Las Vegas Summer League and will miss the entire 11-day event. If he misses three months, he'll be be doubtful for the start of training camp and could miss some preseason action. It's a tough way to start his career and Gal Mekel will have even more minutes in Vegas. Although, the addition of Monta Ellis limits the upside of both Larkin and Mekel."

Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

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Looking forward to seeing him play

Guess we wait a little longer.
Think he is going to make a very good back up

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Lol "he was all set to make

Lol "he was all set to make an impression". Nah his plan was to &$#%#&@! himself on the court and walk off.

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Can't question the

Can't question the Calderon/Harris signing now.

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I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to seeing the Larkin/ledo McLemore/mcCallum match ups today

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