Shabazz Muhammed

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Shabazz Muhammed

Who does he remind you of? What kind of player will he be in the NBA?

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I've watched a good amount of

I've watched a good amount of UCLA games and the guy scores in a very unorthodox ways but finishes well at the rim and has a nice pull up game but one thing he doesn't do is pass the ball much. He has 17 assists on the entire year.

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I think people really sleep

I think people really sleep on him. Yes, he's not much off a passer, but other than that he has a very complete and mature offensive game. He plays so hard and can score in so many ways. He reminds me a bit of James Harden minus the playmaking ability. Or maybe a lil bit of JR Rider before he went crazy. I think this kid has big time scoring potential at the next level

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I agree

I've been telling friends and peers for the last 2 years that shabazz plays alot like JR Rider ( AKA: Isiah Rider ). Remember JR rider was never considered to be a great playmaker or great creator of offense for others. But he was a dynamic athlete who was also a very talented all around scorer ( Example: JR rider was a good shooter, he was a excellent finisher around the rim, he had a reliable mid-range game, he was a excellent isolation scorer, he was a great post-up scoring threat, and he had decent catch-and-shoot skills off screens and pin-downs, etc )

In my opinion JR Rider is the best NBA Player Comparison For Shabazz Muhammed

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caron butler/danny granger?

caron butler/danny granger? (ive only seen him play like twice, so thats what im basing off of)

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Jerry Stackhouse...He will

Jerry Stackhouse...He will score a lot. He will also turn the ball over twice as many times as he sets his teammates up with assists. He is a solid defender because of his physical prowess but nothing special on that end. I see him being a big time scorer on a bad team for a while before eventually becoming the 3rd best player on championship caliber team. I don't think he will be a future superstar simply because he doesn't bring too much to the table outside of scoring 20 a game.

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Granted I've only been able

Granted I've only been able to watch Shabazz in spurts. Ive been stuck on Harrison Barnes with a motor comparison and even Barnes' numbers from last year side by side are pretty similar to Bazz this year. He's going to be a high volume scorer/shooter that's for sure. Doesn't have to that much of a handle from what I've seen. So he's going to rely on others to set him up at the next level.

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Hmmm thats tough

I cant really find a comparison yet. Maybe he blossoms into a Latrell Sprewell(Im struggling) The only thing I know is Shabazz knows how to score the ball. I think he avgs 15+ as a rookie in the league

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1 thing for sure is that the MKG comparison is just horrible.. seriously.. I dont know but when I watch him on offense I see some Paul Pierce in him. but hey what do I know

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He reminds me a little of a

He reminds me a little of a shorter Thaddeus Young but that's mostly because of the one lefthanded push shots from anywhere from 10 feet and in that both feature a lot in their arsenal. There are other similarities, like level of athleticism and quality of handle. The way he's been shooting from distance thus far, Shabazz projects to be a better long range shooter than Thaddeus.

Another guy is Jason Richardson. There haven't been a lot of high level wing prospects who had suspect handles. Shabazz and Richardson are two of them. Shabazz's handle is a lot better than I initially thought. It doesn't inhibit him from power driving to the rim. Despite the low assist numbers, I don't think Shabazz is a black hole either. When he sees the open guy, he hits him and he also moves the ball.

Something I don't get about Shabazz thus far are his startlingly low number of blocks and steals. Before reading some of the draft features of hoop analyst, I would've said defensive stats aren't too relevant but historically, over and over, the top NBA players had a certain baseline of steals and blocks. For Shabazz to be so low puts him in bad company. He would be bucking a big trend.

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