Shabazz Muhammad: Real deal or all hype?

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Shabazz Muhammad: Real deal or all hype?

Last time there was a wing with this much hype was OJ Mayo so is this guy the real deal or just all hype?

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Real deal best player in his

Real deal best player in his class and was the best player on the floor when his class went against the college freshmen of this year.

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I think he's legit and

I think he's legit and warrants the hype. He is explosive and a powerful SG (6'5 210lbs already), what separates him and other highly regarded HS prospect before him (such as Harrison Barnes, OJ Mayo) is his athletecism jumps out of the screen. He does need to develop more moves off the dribble, he seems to just bully his way in to the lane, can't do that in college and NBA. I love his first step explosiveness and I would qualify it as elite. I think he will be a top flight NBA SG. 

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real deal for sure

real deal for sure

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have to see him in college

have to see him in college before you can even begin to question this

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real deal

He's a more athletic James Harden. That comparison is spot on. They are both left handled crafty scores with good size and strenght to attack the basket. Muhammad just doesnt create for others and distribute the ball at Hardens level, but has the potential to be better scorer. To me he isnt hyped no where near like OJ Mayo was. Mayo basically was called the Next Kobe.

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Honestly I think Muhammad is

Honestly I think Muhammad is over rated , and isn't near as skilled at harden is but I will admit he is more athletic

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I like the fact how much

I like the fact how much Muhammad brings it every night. He has that killer instinct where he just wants to punish you.

I loved the scouting reports where it said Shabazz was going harder than any other player at the McDAA scrimmages.

Just sounds like a winner and has the ferociousness of MKG.

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love his killer insinct, he

love his killer insinct, he plays like harden... but shabazz needs to learn how to go right

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^so does harden!

^so does harden!

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Sounds like Tony Wroten more

Sounds like Tony Wroten more than Harden.

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He seems more like a slasher than shooter. I hope he has some good handles because he cant go right, that means his game is going to be predictable. He is the real deal in terms of ability, but he isnt near a complete player yet.

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He's a great prospect, but he

He's a great prospect, but he doesn't have as much potential as a lot of people think he does. I've been calling him a slightly more athletic Harden, and I'm sticking to that. He will be a good player in the league, but I don't see him being a superstar.

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He seems to have a mean

He seems to have a mean streak to him. He's kind of a power guard. He's very forceful and tenacious. It seems like he's angry when he has the ball in his hands...militant, almost. Must be very intimidating to defned.

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I actually think he's a less

I actually think he's a less of an athlete then harden he dunks yeah but it's mostly arms and hes robotic everything looks so stiff he reminds me of a smaller Terrance jones decent athlete ok shooter and an ok slasher nothing about this kid screams superstar, and as far as his athlettic ability jumping out the screen I just don't see it

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One thing that sticks out to

One thing that sticks out to me is his demeanor on the court. He has a focus that is out of this world crazy. His demeanor is very Kobe/MJ like and he plays with a focus that is uncomparable. Put me on the bandwagon.

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I like him, he looks really

I like him, he looks really aggresive give him the slightest chance to dunk and he will will dunk on you. I do not see him being 'elite' athlete' in terms of jumping ability. His head is clearly lower than rim but in my view he does have 'elite' explosiveness and great length which along with aggresiveness makes him great in game dunker.

Right now he is probably more of one-way player he can create for himself, finish inside, shoot from outside, post up a bit, but lacks midrange game and ability to create for others.

Still his atitude and physical atributes makes him very interesting prospect and as of right now he is my choice to be number 1 pick in 2013 draft.

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Through 6 games: 28.0

Through 6 games:

28.0 mins
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45.5 3P% on 1.8 3PA
71.1 FT% on 6.3 FT
5.0 rb
0.7 ast (2.0 to)
0.5 stl
0 blks

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I still think he is the real

I still think he is the real deal.

But I had the same feeling when I saw Xavier Henrys High School highlights.
Some players move really good and I think the rich mans version of Henry is a better comparison than Harden because of the worse handles and maybe they both can slash very well but Harden was always a perimeter player first.

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