Shabazz Muhammad and UCLA

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Shabazz Muhammad and UCLA

Shabazz Muhammad is clearly a scorer, and UCLA isn't the best place to go if you want to score. Russell Westbrook was cut some slack from NBA Teams and taken in the Top 5 although wasn't that much of a force in college. Do you think teams will give Shabazz a chance at #1 just because he's scoring well under Ben Howland?

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UCLA's one of the best

UCLA's one of the best scoring teams in the nation.
The "Howland holds players back" talk doesn't apply this yr.

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UCLA as a team is almost scoring 80 points per game. It really doesn't apply as siggy mentioned.

It didn't apply to the westbrook situaiton year either, as a team they scored 75 ppg that year. Westbrook had to share shots with Collison, Love, Mbah a moute, and shipp. Howland also turned westbrook from a 3 star recruit that only got recruited because he had a growth spurt as a senior, into the pac 10 dpoy that scored 13 ppg, 4 rpg, and 4 apg. He has blossomed into an all star in the nba because he was a late bloomer that was forced to turn into a scorer because he was drafted by a supersonic/thunder team that had no scoring outside of durant and green.

Many UCLA fans have turned their back on Howland, but I am still a believer. I still think he is the best coach in the pac 12.

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Shabazz is averaging 18.2 points per game.....what's the issue?

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