Shabazz Muhammad

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Shabazz Muhammad

An interesting stat I found is that not counting tonight's game vs Washinton State, he has 17 assists the WHOLE SEASON. Thats 19 games he played, averaging 30 minutes played a game,a nd 17 assists the whole season. Thats about 1 assist every 32 minutes. We know he's not known for his passing, but this is really something, thoughts on this?

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He needs to learn how to

He needs to learn how to share the ball, it's not a huge deal but the problem is in our system, these guys are treated like Kings from the time they're 12 years old, they they need to realize playing basketball at the stage they are and will be playing at is not a right but a privilege, and I feel that some of these guys need to have a reality check and look at the bigger picture.

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