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I told ya'll he was going to get better as the schedule progresses....James Ennis though is losing his mind sheeesh!!!

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Get better as the schedule progresses. In the second SL game. So, technically you are correct.

Dan Gilbert is on his plane right now to hire you as a scout.

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James Ennis playing solidly.

James Ennis playing solidly. I had the privelage of seeing him live last season when he was down under and am glad to see him succeeding back in the US as well.

What really caught my eye in that game was Markel Brown and his 6 assists. He was a SG in college as he was on the same team as Marcus Smart, but could the Nets be trying to convert to a Point Guard, where a person his size would be better suited?

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I like Markel Brown. Think

I like Markel Brown. Think the Nets got a steal. Don't think he will ever be a PG, but Smart did take away from his "shine". Think Brown has the potential to be a Tony Allen like player. With perhaps a better jumper.

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Well, Markel Brown looked

Well, Markel Brown looked good distributing the ball. I think he can get some minutes at the 1, but there are probably too many IFs at the moment. Summer league isn't usually the best place to evaluate talent.

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