Secret Talents?

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Secret Talents?

I was just thinking about some players who, at the college level, displayed a particular skillset that would obviously translate to the NBA but when they get to the NBA, show something that we didnt think they had in college. The example I thought of first was Jordan Crawford. At the college level, I looked at him as a straight up scorer with unlimited range. He was a little undersized for the 2-guard position but his athletic ability made up for the lack in height. When he got in the NBA, though, he showed that he could be a solid combo guard and handling slme point guard duties, which he never really showed a lot at the college level.

So, my question to you all is what other players showed a "hidden talent" in the NBA that wasnt shown at the college level?

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well not at the college level

But Ricky Rubio was alwayed called a very bad defender from his time he played in Europe, and when he came over showed pretty good defense to be a rookie, as well as quick hands. I meangiys like Micheal Wilbon were talkin crap about his defense and sayin he was a one way player and he proved everyone wrong.

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Rubio led the spanish ACB

Rubio led the spanish ACB league in steals in 2007 and 2009 and was named the defensive player of the year in 2009.
Ricky was born in 1990!

To say his NBA defense came out of nowhere is wrong because he already was a defensive ace at age 17. But yes, he was very underrated as an defensive player which I never understood.

Ricky Rubio will be a Star in this league and wherever he played so far, he really shined!

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Greg Oden

Greg Oden "revealed" that he has a...never mind...

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Rondo has surprised me on how

Rondo has surprised me on how great a player he has become..While he was at Kentucky he appeared to be a career nba backup..But his hard work and determination outweigh his negatives....

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Russell Westbrook. I knew he

Russell Westbrook. I knew he was a great athlete and defender but he has impressed me with his scoring and midrange game. And he's increasing his playmaking skills and becoming a greater overall point guard. And to think I was a little mad when the Sonics drafted him over Bayless lol boy was I wrong.

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Well when Kyrie Irving came

Well when Kyrie Irving came into the league I knew he could do a little bit of everything but after he went 8 for 8 from the 3 point line in the rising stars game I first noticed he can really shoot with the best of them . He almost averages 2 threes a game (1.9) while shooting close 40%(39%) and by stats only Stephon Curry and Damian Lillard are better shooters at the PG position ,not bad group to be in.

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i honestly didnt know kevin

i honestly didnt know kevin love was such a great shooter, i mean we all knew he could kind of shoot for a big guy @ ucla but in the nba he won thr 3pt contest. IMO that kinda came out of nowhere

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Serge Ibaka not only is a

Serge Ibaka not only is a threat to lead the league in blocks, but a guy who has also developed into a good mid range jump shooter and serious pick and pop threat.

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Kwame Brown

He can score 25 pts and grab 10 rbs per night, but he doesn't want show off.

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Kawhi Leonards shooting. One

Kawhi Leonards shooting. One of the biggest suprises last year, buthe also worked really hard on it in the offseason.

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2 guys from ben howlands

2 guys from ben howlands ucla, that system really hides players abilities for some reason which is why shabazz muhammed could have some skill that we will find out about when the pre draft workouts start.

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Uh, how is Shabazz being

Uh, how is Shabazz being stifled in any way? I'm not sure if you just haven't been watching them this yr, but they're playing a very open style of basketball, looking to get out and run as much as possible.
They're one of the highest scoring teams in the nation.

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Travis Wear might become

Travis Wear might become another UCLA player that'll be a better pro....

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The NBA game is more wide

The NBA game is more wide open and free flowing. In college you're stuck playing system basketball which doesn't expose all of your talents.

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