Second Round Steals

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Second Round Steals

I feel like this draft may not be fantastic but I can see a few players in the second round becoming role players in the NBA.

Cory Jefferson - He already has an NBA body and athleticism. He could end up being a nice energy role player off a teams bench. Or, he could out of the league really quick.

Ryan Kelly - If he doesnt work his way into the first round in the tourney, some team is going to get a second round steal with him.. He is a poor mans Dirk. Super long and realy works hard on defense and he can shoot from anywhere on the floor. He could end up being a starter next to a PF/C that bangs in the post.. Okur worked well with Boozer.

Brandon Triche - I love his demeanor and attitude.. He is a hard worker and has gotten better every year he has played at Cuse. I think he should be able to defend in the NBA and with that thick build, he could guard anyone from 1-3.

Who are your steals for the second round?

Also, I think that Jeff Withey is a starting C in the league.. If somehow, he were to slip to the second round, he would be a steal. IMO, this site has him ranked pretty low in the mock.

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Elias Harris- a perfect

Elias Harris- a perfect example of who would of been a 1st rounder as a soph but stuck around to be a sr and got the zags to number 1.

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I really like the first two

I really like the first two picks on your list but don't see Triche making an impact in the NBA. He plays like a guy who needs a good outside shot to succeed but he only shoots 28.5% from downtown in college.

I also like...

Kenny Kadji- His age will allow him to slip to the 2nd round but somebody will get a player with great versatility and potential.

Brandon Paul- He looks like Brandon Triche with NBA 3 point range.

DeShaun Thomas- He is a pure shot maker and looks like a guy who can be a great 6th man who can play the 3 or the stretch 4.

Rodney Williams and Jamaal Franklin- These guys are elite athletes and guys like this often make a name in the NBA usually for defense but sometimes for spectacular dunks. If they improve their all around offensive skills they could both play in the NBA for 10 years.

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Michael Snaer

Michael Snaer

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I strongly Believe Ray

I strongly Believe Ray Mccallum will be a very good NBA player.

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Kadji, Watford

Kenny Kadji of MIami will definitely be a steal if he slips to the 2nd round. I know he's older than most college players, but I think he has a game that is serviceable in the NBA right now. He could be a Darrell Arthur of Mareese Speights type player...

Also Christian Watford will be even more than a steal than Kadji... At 6'9 with great length and an outstanding jump shot he'll help a lot of teams coming off the bench

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2nd Rounders

Based off my current 2nd round projections, here are my 2nd rounders I like:

Lorenzo Brown - should be a good combo guard off the bench to start career, and may turn into a starting PG down the road
CJ Leslie - he chips in a bit of everything at the college level and should be a good piece off the bench
Jamaal Franklin - he's a shooter, and that's a skill that should translate to the NBA
Trevor Mbawke - I like his athleticism and he should be able to contribute right away
Nate Wolters - underrated at a small school, appears to be a hard worker, with good offensive ability - both passing and scoring
Ray McCallum - he'd be projected to go much higher if he went to a power house school
AJ Matthews - I don't know much about him, and don't know if he'll even stick in the league, but he is an intriguing prospect from the videos I've seen.
Brandon Paul - he's the type of guy I can see putting up points in bunches off the bench some games, and then goose eggs in other games
Brandon Triche - he played better in the past when he was a second or third option on offense, he has the size to finish at the rim and defend, but needs to add a more consistent jumper
Elias Harris - While he doesn't get a lot of recognition, Harris is one of the Zags best players and a leader for the new #1

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I really think Michael Snaer,

I really think Michael Snaer, hes got the size (6'5'' 200) plus a silky jumper

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I think CJ Leslie will be a

I think CJ Leslie will be a steal in the 2nd round. He is an excellent defender that can defend SF and PF. He may not become a full time starting PF, but I think he can be a Taj Gibson type of player.

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A couple of my second round

A couple of my second round guys that I like:

Patric Young - Don't think he'll be special by any stretch, but I think he'll be a decent rotation player off the bench
Allen Crabbe - Same story as Young, won't be special, but will be a nice shooter off the bench
Doug McDermott - I think he'll carve out a niche as a guy that can give a team a scoring boost off the bench. Smart player with a great shot and solid moves. I'd love to get him in the 2nd.

And for the record, I don't think Brandon Triche has a future in the NBA at all. He doesn't have any NBA skills really. A decent college player, but that's it.

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I wonder what Daryl Morey

I wonder what Daryl Morey will do with the suns second round pick they got from the Morris's trade. Hopefully dork Elvis strikes again.

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