Second round picks

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Second round picks

This month has been filled with talks about free agents and trades and all the important offseason moves teams need to make to become championship contenders. Players like Paul Millsap, Carlos Boozer, and Trevor Ariza are some of the guys being talked about the most. All three of these players share a similar trait in that they were second round picks. A bunch of second round picks dissappear from the basketball world but some become all stars(Arenas), solid starters(Ellis), or key reserve players(House): Here are some of the top second round picks since the 1999 draft:

1999- Manu Ginobili(57)
2000- Eddie House(37), Michael Redd(43)
2001- Gilbert Arenas(31), Mehmet Okur(38), Bobby Simmons(42)
2002- Carlos Boozer(35), Rasual Butler(53), Luis Scola(56)
2003- Jason Kapono(31), Luke Walton(32), Steve Blake(38), Mo Williams(47),Kyle Korver(51)
2004- Anderson Varejao(31), Chris Duhon(39),Trevor Ariza(44)
2005- Brandon Bass(33), Monta Ellis(40), Ryan Gomes(50), Marcin Gortat(57)
2006- Daniel Gibson(42), Paul Millsap(47), Leon Powe(49)
2007- Carl Landry(31), Glen Davis(35), Marc Gasol(48), Ramon Sessions(56)
2008- Mario Chalmers(34), Luc Richard Mbah a Moute(37)

So which 2009 second round draft pick will have a nice,maybe all-star, NBA career. DeJuan Blair is in a good situation in San Antonio. Jonas Jerebko can be the next Scola or Ginobili, in which a team(Pistons) puts him away for a couple of years before bringing him into the NBA. I think Chase Budinger(Rockets) and Dante Cunningham(Blazers) are gonna have nice NBA careers.

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Summers should be a great

Summers should be a great pick up for Pistons who got him in the second round should have been a top pick.

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Patty Mills when he gets

Patty Mills when he gets healthy could be good for stacked Portland as long as he can get some time on the court

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omri casspi

omri casspi

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Casspi can be good but i thought he was in the first round..just the second pick for Sacramento in that round. And i think that Jodie Meeks has a chance for a decent career. Hes arguably been the best player on the Bucks summer league team at least being the most consistent player. Hes also a pure shooter, and that is a coveted skill in the NBA.

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blair or young

blair or young

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a lot of quality players

a lot of quality players dropped to the second round. in my opinion, the best are:
1) Dejuan Blair
2) Chase Budinger
3) Dejuan Summers
4) Nick Calathes
5) Jody Meeks

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Sergio LLull, Nando De Colo,

Sergio LLull, Nando De Colo, and Jonas Jerebko are 3 internationals who could make an impact

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