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lets say that the NBA suddenly changed the rule and allowed players to enter the draft after high school. How many of these highschoolers like Wiggins and Parker would go above any of the guys in this years class? How far would guys like Archie Goodwin fall to?

Just an interesting scenario realize how weak this upcoming draft class can be.

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I think Wiggins in any class(

I think Wiggins in any class( would be close in last years draft) would go #1. Guy with his athleticism and skills don't come through the door every day.

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Yea Wiggins

Yea I think Wiggins would be almost a lock for #1, Jabari Parker top 10, and Julius Randle top 5

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I think Parker would still

I think Parker would still spend a year at Duke, but Wiggins would be going #1 and Julius Randal would go top 10.

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nice question

The only guys ready for the NBA would be Wiggins, Parker, Randle and An. Harrison.
1- Wiggins
2- Jabari
3- Noel
4- Shabazz
5- Harrison
6- Ben Mclemore
7- Julius Randle
8- Cody Zeller
9- Goodwin

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