Scary Thought

If the Raptors continue to play poorly and their pick ends up as the number 4, OKC will have the 4th overall pick. While that in it of its self is scary, think of this: If Bazz, Mclemore, Noel and Zeller are predicted as top 4, and no one really knows who is going to go number 1, OKC could end up with ANOTHER top flight player. Though i dont think Bazz or McLemore would help and would be traded, Zeller would be the perfect fit for OKC with his low post game, and he wouldnt have the burden of being a number one option on a lotto team.
Scary thinking about a OKC team sporting Zeller in the starting line up

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I think we should keep

I think we should keep whoever we get out of Bazz, McLemore, and Zeller. We don't really have a true back up for KD, unless you'd consider Jeremy Lamb or Perry Jones being the 3 with the 2nd unit, so Bazz could fit in well at the 6th/7th man role. If we get McLemore, we should wait to see what happens with Kevin Martin's contract situation. If we pick up BMac, I don't see Martin staying, so he could fill in the 6th man role as the 2 man off the bench. If we get Zeller, we should definitely keep him. We desperately need a low post threat, and he would give us that

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