Saric Vs Giannis

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Saric Vs Giannis

So both of these guys are international players that will get drafted this year. Both are listed as sf/pf and as of right now are in similar draft positions. I haven't seen much of either but heard lots of talk on here about Giannis. They seem like very different players as well. Saric is a little bit taller but much thicker/muscular while Giannis seems to be longer. From videos it seems that Saric is a better at shooting, post moves, rebounding, and has a higher basketball IQ. Giannis seems to have a better handle and more athleticism. Saric seems like a safer pick but Gianni's could adapt to the NBA better being more athletic and quick.

First off, which positions do you think they will play in the league? I see Saric as more of a stretch 4 while Giannis would be a tall lanky 3. Who do you see being better? And who do you see being drafted first?

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i think that these 2 will be

i think that these 2 will be drafted very close together as far as numbers are concerned. Ultimately, i feel as tho dario saric will end up being a better nba player. I feel like he could be like linus kleiza

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Giannis have lot more raw

Giannis have lot more raw upside no doubt

But Saric mentalty will make him great. Not sure will his game translate to NBA tough, but he will have big carer atlest in eurolegue

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I see both of them as small

I see both of them as small forwards in the NBA. Based on potential, Giannis will probably get drafted ahead of Saric. In the end, Dario will have a better career in my opinion. They'll both be pretty good if they work hard.

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Personally I like Giannis,

Personally I like Giannis, how good he can become is a big question, his shooting needs tweeking but his handles and being able to create for himself and his teammates is what I like most. If he gets stronger, fills out and gets his shot higher he could be very good. Saric could have a problem with playing D in the league, he sounds smart, good skills but athletically may be his downfall. He wants it real bad though and determination, desire and work ethic may push him to succeed.
I'd love to see the Jazz get Giannis and Schroder.

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or Giannis and Kabongo

The big question to me is which one comes off the board first between Giannis and Schroeder. If they are still both there at 14 which do you take first knowing the other may not be there at 21. If its me deciding i take Schroeder 1st. From what i have seen of him he is the better prospect plus the Jazz NEED a point gaurd. Its interesting you think Giannis's jumper needed help i thought Schroeder's looked a bit off on his mechanics.

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Saric and Giannis = Gallinari

Saric and Giannis = Gallinari and Luol Deng

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White European guy and African-European guy=different white European guy and different African-European guy.

TaylorCondrin, I'm just curious, have you ever actually seen these guys play?

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Saric plays nothing like

Saric plays nothing like Gallinari man.

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Giannis looks pretty athletic

Giannis looks pretty athletic but I still haven't found a decent comparison for him. To me Saric plays a lot like Lamar Odom (not talking about ceiling here).

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