Sacramento Kings second two picks

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Sacramento Kings second two picks

Hey guys, I've been following the forums for some time and finally decided to jump in too. I'm a Sacramento Kings fan, and beleive me I know how bad they were this year, you don't even have to tell me. My question is, other than their top four pick, which will most likely be used on Griffin, Rubio, or others, what do you guys think the Kings should do with their second two picks (23) and (31)?

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best players available

I live in Sac, but am not a Kings fan, even though I do watch a lot of their games. Obviously they should be hoping to get Griffin number 1. Hawes and Thompson are more finnese then power right now and Griffin could add some toughness around the basket.

With their next 2 picks, they need to draft the best available players since they obviously stink at every position except sg. One of those picks would ideally be a pg who can play D, push the ball, and provide energy. Darren Collison would be a good pick. Petrie messed up big time giving Udrih that huge contract.

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I will definite agree that

I will definite agree that getting Griffin and grabbing a point guard late that could maybe be like Chalmers was would be great for the Kings. Also after that they need to add depth maybe trade a pick or two for a bk center.

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Draft pics

I'm not a big kings fan so I don't kn ow too much about them. But I could see them taking a chance on Mullins if he falls, personally I think he sucks, but you never know.If they could luck out and get Teague, or even AJ price in the second round,anchored with a top three pic, might have something. What are the chances they could trade up?

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I would have them getting

I would have them getting Sam Young from Pittsburgh and Dionte Christmas with the 31st pick.

^looking at nbadraft's latest mock draft in determining which players were available at that time.

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With the 23rd and 31st pick

It really all depends where the Kings fall in the draft order. If they do draft Griffin they will most certainly be looking for a point guard with their 23rd pick. I believe Maynor may be on their lists, they would really want Tyreke Evans, but they would have to trade up, same goes for Lawson and Jeff Teague. Although I think Teague may slip, which will be the Kings pick if available.

If they draft Rubio, they will draft for size. Dejuan Blair, Tyler Hansborough or even BJ Mullens. LIke I said, it really depends on their first pick. Their defenciences are rebounding, blocking shots, a point guard, to list a few, I think they will draft according to these issues in the first round.

In the second round you draft the best available player regardless of position. Darren Collison would be nice so would Dionte Christmas. If I had it my way I would try to get Jrue Holiday, but I think he won't slip that far. More details will be known on May 19th, see where the Kings will fall.

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